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Boost Your Brand with YouTube Ads: Find the Perfect Plan for You

Basic Plan: Get Started with Targeted Video Ads
Only ฿425/month
Low upfront cost: ฿1,000
  • Run up to 2 video campaigns
  • Create and manage up to 4 video ads
  • Track up to 100 web lead phone calls
  • Strategic bidding to optimize your reach
  • Up to ฿2,500 monthly ad spend (paid to YouTube)
Aggressive Plan: Maximize Reach and Engagement
Only ฿500/month
Min. monthly spend of ฿1,000 or 15% of your total ad budget (whichever is higher)
Moderate upfront cost: ฿1,750
  • Run up to 5 video campaigns
  • Create and manage up to 10 video ads
  • Reach new audiences with YouTube bumper ads
  • Expand your reach with Google Video Display Network
  • Flexible ad spend: ฿2,500-฿12,000/month (paid to YouTube)
Market Leader Plan: Dominate Your Market with Advanced Targeting
Invest in growth: ฿1,800/month
Min. monthly spend of ฿1,000 or 12% of your total ad budget (whichever is higher)
Higher upfront cost: ฿2,500
  • Run up to 10 video campaigns
  • Create and manage up to 20 video ads
  • Target your ads to specific demographics on YouTube Kids
  • Track in-store visits driven by your ads
  • Scale your reach: ฿12,000+/month (paid to YouTube)

Supercharge Your Brand with YouTube Ads

Ready to dominate the world's second-largest search engine with business video marketing? YouTube is a goldmine for businesses looking to skyrocket brand awareness, generate leads, and boost sales through engaging and informative video content.

Let Uptle be your one-stop shop to YouTube advertising success.

We're a full-service YouTube agency that handles everything, from crafting winning campaigns to creating high-impact ads for your brand.

Plus, unlock even more with our YouTube ad services, including:

  • Your own dedicated account manager for expert guidance
  • Advanced lead tracking, so you never miss an opportunity (including web phone calls)
  • Customized monthly reports to track your progress
  • Full ownership of your ad account, for complete control
  • And more!

Supercharge Your YouTube Ads

Refine Your Writing Essential Accuracy Advanced Precision Dominate with Clarity

Supercharge Your Sales with YouTube Ads!

Start at ฿2,500/mo.

Scale Up: ฿2,500 - ฿12,000/mo.

Enterprise Plans: ฿12,000+/mo.

Multiple Video Campaigns Included




Run Targeted Ads Across All Campaigns

Reach Up to 4 Million Viewers

Reach Up to 10 Million Viewers

Reach Up to 20 Million Viewers

Get a Free 15-Second Video Ad (We Use Your Assets!)

1 Ad Included

2 Ads Included

3 Ads Included

Target the Right Audience:

Drive Leads with TrueView for Action

Optimize Your Ads for Peak Performance

Track In-Store Visits from Your Ads

Grab Attention with Pre-Roll & Interstitial Ads

Reach Local Customers with Location Targeting

Target Existing Customers with Your Data

Expand Your Reach with Similar Audience Targeting

Go Beyond YouTube with the Video Display Network

Keep Things Short with Eye-Catching Bumper Ads

Hit Your Cost-Per-Acquisition Goals

Reach Cord-Cutters with YouTube OTT

Engage Younger Audiences with YouTube Kids (if applicable)

Effortless Campaign Setup:

Manage Everything in Your Google Ads Account (You Stay in Control)

Connect Your Ads to Google Analytics for Deeper Insights

Get a Dedicated Account Expert by Your Side

Ongoing Campaign Management:

Test Landing Pages to Maximize Conversions

Smart Bidding Strategies for Optimal Results

Uncover the Best Keywords for Your Audience

Test Call-to-Actions to Drive More Leads

We Constantly Monitor Your Settings (Geo-Targeting, etc.)

Set Up Automated Bidding Rules for Efficiency

Boost Reach by Replacing Traditional TV Ads (Optional)

Detailed Reporting:

See How Many Customers Visit Your Stores

Get Clear Insights and Monthly Performance Reports

Track Up to 100 Web Lead Phone Calls Every Month (Free for Uptle Clients)

We Fight Click Fraud to Protect Your Budget

Cost Per View Reporting - Know What You're Paying For

MarketingCloud Lead Tracking Integration (Optional)

Measure Brand Awareness with Ad Recall Surveys (Optional)

Weekly Calls to Discuss Campaign Performance

Management Fee: ฿400/mo.

Management Fee: ฿400/mo.

Management Fee: ฿400/mo.

Your Video Ad Creative Assets:

We'll Manage the Assets You Provide

Free 15-Second Video Ad Using Your Assets (See Above)

1 Ad Included

2 Ads Included

3 Ads Included

We Can Create a 15-Second Video Ad from Your Assets

Cost Per Ad: ฿150

Cost Per Ad: ฿150

Cost Per Ad: ฿150

We Can Also Create a 15-Second Video Ad Using Stock Footage

Cost Per Ad: ฿300

Cost Per Ad: ฿300

Cost Per Ad: ฿300

One-Time Setup Fee

One-Time Setup Fee: ฿1,000

One-Time Setup Fee: ฿1,750

One-Time Setup Fee: ฿2,500

Affordable Monthly Management Fee

Monthly Optimization Fee: ฿425

Performance Fee: ฿500/mo. or 15% of ad spend (whichever is higher)

Performance Fee: ฿1,800/mo. or 12% of ad spend (whichever is higher)

Progressive Optimization with a 6-Month Commitment

Monthly Retainer: ฿975

Monthly Retainer: ฿1,475

Monthly Retainer: ฿2,975

Level Up Your Reach: YouTube Advertising Services You Need

Ready to tap into YouTube's massive audience? Here's what our YouTube advertising experts can do for you (and more!)

Dominate YouTube with Cutting-Edge Strategies

Forget outdated tactics. Our YouTube ad agency thrives on staying ahead of the curve. As video marketing shifts, we'll ensure your campaigns stay in the fast lane.

This translates to high-performing videos that deliver real impact for your business. Partner with us and watch your results soar.

Never Stop Learning, Never Stop Growing

The video marketing strategies landscape is constantly evolving, but our team stays ahead of the curve. Through ongoing training, we master the latest video creation and promotion strategies to ensure your videos stand out.

This translates to high-performing videos for your business and maximized results from your YouTube advertising. We're your trusted partner for achieving YouTube ad success.

See Pricing Clearly: Know What You Get, Know What You Pay

Ever wonder how much that marketing magic trick will cost? Budget is a big deal, and you deserve clear pricing to make informed choices.

Tired of chasing quotes? We get it. Opaque pricing is a pain. At Uptle, we believe in upfront transparency.

Transparent pricing means no surprises, just clear expectations. You'll know exactly what you're getting and what it costs – before you sign anything.

Take YouTube ads, for example. Our upfront pricing lets you see the investment and make data-driven decisions for your brand's success.

Unmask Your Campaign's Success: Transparent Reporting

Stop flying blind! Transparent reporting is the secret weapon you need alongside clear pricing. See exactly how your YouTube ads are performing and optimize them for maximum impact.

Gain crystal-clear insights. Our transparent reports unveil everything happening with your campaign, empowering you to understand its effectiveness and measure its success against your goals.

Stay in the driver's seat. Transparent reporting keeps you informed and in control. Identify areas for improvement and collaborate with your video marketing partner to fine-tune your campaign for peak results.

Effortless Communication: Stay Informed, Stay Ahead

Say goodbye to information black holes! Uptle, your YouTube advertising partner, keeps you in the loop every step of the way.

Get crystal-clear updates on your campaign performance. Your dedicated Uptle account manager will identify optimization opportunities to maximize success.

Unlock Your YouTube Success: Essential Metrics You Need to Know

Stop guessing - our YouTube advertising tracks key metrics to show you exactly how your campaigns are performing.

  • Views that Matter: We count views only when someone watches at least 30 seconds or clicks, giving you a clear picture of genuine audience engagement.
  • Engagement on Fire: View rate shows how many people see your ad and decide to watch. A high view rate means your content is resonating with your audience.
  • Grow Your Brand: Earned actions like likes, subscriptions, and further video views show deeper audience interest, fueling your brand growth.
  • Maximum Exposure: Impressions tell you how many times your ad is displayed, ensuring maximum reach for your message.

These are just a few of the key metrics we track to optimize your YouTube campaigns.

We leverage a powerful combination of Google Ads and Google Analytics for comprehensive campaign tracking.

Since Google owns YouTube, these tools offer a seamless and reliable way to measure your success.

For even deeper insights, we also use our exclusive MarketingCloud software for advanced YouTube ad tracking and reporting.

Mid-Size Businesses Trust Uptle
Their focus on ROI and their innate ability to communicate this information in a way that I understand has been the missing link with other digital marketing firms that I have used in the past.
Leah Pickard. ABWE

3 Reasons YouTube Ads Should Be Your Marketing Must-Have

Skip the why and jump right in! Here are 3 reasons YouTube ads are the marketing tool you absolutely need.

Reach Engaged Audiences on YouTube

Targeting active users is key for any ad platform. YouTube boasts a highly engaged audience that actively uses the platform regularly. This means your message reaches people who are receptive and ready to see what you offer.

Mobile viewers spend an impressive 40 minutes per session on YouTube. This extended watch time creates a valuable window of opportunity to connect with potential customers as they're actively consuming content.

Millions turn to YouTube daily for a variety of reasons:

  • Entertainment Fix: People crave engaging content, and YouTube delivers. Whether it's their favorite show or a captivating influencer, viewers flock to the platform for entertainment.
  • Learning Hub: YouTube is a go-to resource for educational content. Users rely on how-to videos for visual guidance on a wide range of topics, from crafting to creating.
  • Product Powerhouse: From product reviews to brand promotions, YouTube videos have a powerful influence on purchasing decisions. Viewers are more likely to make an impulse buy after engaging with a video.
  • Travel Inspiration: Planning a trip? YouTube is a treasure trove of travel videos. Viewers use the platform to explore new destinations and get insider tips.

Leveraging influencer marketing on YouTube empowers you to connect with this highly engaged audience. By collaborating with relevant influencers, you can introduce your brand to a wider audience and establish a deeper connection with potential customers.

Unleash Engagement: Why YouTube Videos Rule the Content Kingdom

Forget static text - videos reign supreme! People are 10x more likely to engage with a video, making YouTube the perfect platform to grab your audience's attention. It's all about visual storytelling, and YouTube delivers.

With 5 billion daily video views, YouTube offers a massive audience waiting to be captivated. Reach and engage them with dynamic video content - it's a golden opportunity you can't miss.

Unleash the Power of Shareable Videos

Videos go viral on YouTube! With over 5 billion shares, viewers love passing on engaging content. This makes YouTube ads a fantastic way to reach a wider audience.

The shareability of videos is your secret weapon. When someone shares a video with your ad, you reach a whole new audience – expanding your reach and attracting qualified leads through lead generation strategies.

Time To Level Up Your Sales

Our long list of services help you make waves in your industry and increase metrics that matter most - like sales.

In the past 5 Years, we’ve managed over 9 million transactions across our client base.

Considering YouTube Ads? Here's Why It Works for Businesses

Thinking about YouTube ads but unsure if it's the right fit for your business? Let's explore some key benefits of using YouTube advertising services.

Struggling to Get Eyes on Your Videos? We Can Help!

You create incredible videos, but getting them seen is another story. Our YouTube advertising services remove the guesswork from promotion.

Expand your reach and connect with the right audience through targeted YouTube ads.

We utilize smart targeting and bidding strategies to ensure your video production services reach the right audience, generating qualified leads and maximizing campaign results.

No Time for Ads? Grow Your Business on Autopilot

Running your business takes time. Between daily operations and strategic planning, YouTube ads might seem like an afterthought. But what if you could unlock their growth potential without lifting a finger?

Our YouTube advertising expertise is here to do the heavy lifting. We've driven over ฿2.4 billion in sales and generated 6.3 million leads for clients in the past five years. Let us handle the campaign, while you focus on what matters most - running your business.

Imagine the best of both worlds: booming YouTube ad results and the freedom to focus on your core business. That's the power of our service.

Struggling to Launch Your YouTube Ad Campaign?

Feeling lost about starting your YouTube ad campaign? You're not alone.

You know the power of YouTube ads, but figuring out how to launch, optimize your videos, and track results feels overwhelming. That's where we come in.

Our agency is packed with YouTube advertising experts. We'll guide you through every step, so you can achieve campaign success without the stress of learning YouTube's complexities.

Level Up Your YouTube Ads: Video Production Included!

Want to create show-stopping YouTube ads but lack the video content? We've got you covered! In addition to our YouTube ad services that turn your existing videos into powerful ads, we now offer video production to craft fresh, engaging ad content specifically for YouTube.

Our video production services are a perfect complement to our YouTube ad expertise and include:

Supercharge Engagement: Videos Made for Social Media

Social media thrives on captivating videos, but with ever-changing platforms and evolving user preferences, figuring out what works and how to effectively utilize social media services can be a challenge for businesses and individuals alike.

Social engagement videos are your secret weapon to grab attention and ignite conversation.

Uptle offers custom square video ads specifically designed for social media. They'll get you 2x the views and 3x the shares compared to landscape videos! Plus, our team of 200+ experts will bring their magic touch to your campaign.

Captivate Your Audience with Whiteboard Animation Videos

Boost Brand Awareness & Engagement: Eye-catching whiteboard animation videos are powerful brand awareness strategies that grab attention and explain your message clearly, leaving a lasting impression on viewers.

Professional Production, Seamless Integration: Our expert team creates high-quality whiteboard animations that seamlessly integrate with your website for maximum impact.

Build Trust & Personalize the Experience: Whiteboard animations create a friendly and engaging experience, fostering trust and connection with your audience.

Showcase Your Strengths & Drive Action: Highlight your company's unique offerings, promote special deals, and motivate viewers to take the next step with compelling whiteboard animations.

Explain Complex Topics & Convert Visitors: Use whiteboard animations to clarify FAQs, announce new products, and keep your audience informed, leading to more conversions.

Unlock the Power of Whiteboard Animations for Effective Communication: Inform, educate, and inspire your target audience with captivating whiteboard animation videos.

Our digital marketing campaigns impact the metrics that matter most!

Over the past 5 years, we’ve generated:

1.5 Billion

in client revenue

4.6 Million +

leads for our clients

1.8 Million

client phone calls

Grow Your Business with Uptle's YouTube Ads Expertise

YouTube's massive audience makes it the perfect platform to reach new, high-value leads. With its targeted advertising options, you can ensure that your b2b video advertising strategies are reaching the right people at the right time. Invest in professional YouTube advertising and watch your business soar.

With years of experience crafting successful video marketing campaigns, Uptle knows exactly how to create customized YouTube ads that drive real growth for your business.

Don't just take our word for it - see what our clients say! Over 550 glowing testimonials showcase the incredible work we do and the results we deliver.

Boost Leads with Powerful YouTube Ads

Ready to generate high-quality leads with targeted YouTube advertising? Get started now - contact us online or call 888-601-5359 to discuss your goals with a YouTube advertising expert.

Let's unlock your business potential!


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