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Tame the Chaos: Simplify Your Product Data Management

With Akeneo PIM, businesses can revolutionize their digital commerce by centralizing, editing, and controlling all product data seamlessly. Combined with Hubspot service and Cloudflare service, Akeneo PIM empowers companies to streamline product information and marketing materials across various channels, ensuring unmatched flexibility and effortless data management to conquer the challenges of multichannel commerce.

Effortless Data Management
Thanks to product information management (PIM), you can bid farewell to scattered data! Akeneo PIM streamlines all your information into a single, user-friendly platform.
Intuitive Interface, Anyone Can Use It
No tech expertise required – Akeneo PIM's intuitive interface makes product data management a breeze.
Connects Seamlessly with Your Favorite Tools
Built-in import and export engines let Akeneo PIM connect with any system you already use.

Unlock the Power of Akeneo PIM

Effortless Product Data Control
Implementing master data management (MDM) ensures consistent management of product information across all systems, effectively eliminating redundancy.
Guarantee Data Quality
Akeneo's robust features ensure your product data is always accurate and reliable.
Centralized Product Asset Management
Store and manage all your product assets, like images, videos, and documents, in one convenient location.
Smart Product Classification
Streamline your product content management (PCM) by effortlessly categorizing your products with customizable attributes and actions.
Effortless Version Control
Restore previous versions or manage multiple product data versions simultaneously.
Streamlined Validation Workflows
Design and automate custom workflows to ensure data accuracy.
Granular User Permissions
Maintain complete control over your data by creating user groups and assigning specific access rights.
Boost Multi-Channel Efficiency
Utilize Akeneo PIM for B2B to seamlessly integrate with any application or third-party software, facilitating effortless multi-channel management.
Open Source Advantage
Akeneo's open-source architecture, built on Symfony and OroPlatform, ensures smooth integration with other applications.

Unleash Efficiency: Akeneo PIM Expertise at Uptle

Uptle is your certified Akeneo PIM partner, offering expert consulting to empower your enterprise projects.

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