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Unifying Marketing Power: Introducing Google Marketing Platform

  • Unify your marketing efforts! Google Marketing Platform combines the strengths of DoubleClick Digital Marketing and Google Analytics 360 Suite Suite into a single, powerful platform.
  • Respecting user privacy while driving results? Google Marketing Platform makes it possible. This ecosystem empowers you to achieve your marketing goals with complete transparency.
  • Take control of your marketing strategy with Google Marketing Platform, which includes Google Optimize 360 for A/B testing and personalization, and Google Surveys 360 for customer feedback.

Unlock Breakthrough Marketing with Google Marketing Platform

  • Optimize your marketing strategy with an enterprise marketing platform like Google Marketing Platform, which offers top-tier technology to enhance every aspect of your programmatic advertising efforts.
  • Target the right audience with laser precision. Google Marketing Platform's powerful connections unlock advanced audience targeting features.
  • Say goodbye to data loss! Google Marketing Platform ensures complete data fidelity, boosting the accuracy of your online marketing efforts.
  • Utilize B2B marketing automation to gain a comprehensive understanding of your customer journey through detailed reports.
  • Optimize spending and achieve precise results. Google Marketing Platform offers centralized measurement for all media channels.

Guaranteed Performance. Unparalleled Insights.

Effortless PPC Management: Google Search Ads 360
Take control, automate, and optimize your paid search campaigns – all in one place.
Stop wasting time on repetitive tasks. Search Ads 360 automates everything from keyword creation to ad copy updates, across all markets, languages, and search engines.
Manage ads seamlessly across Google Ads, Bing Ads, Yahoo! Japan, and Baidu. Get unified reporting that cuts through the clutter, saving you valuable time.
  • Work smarter, not harder. Automate campaign management across multiple platforms and free up your time for strategic thinking.
  • Achieve your business goals faster with Smart Bidding. This powerful tool automatically optimizes your bids to get you the best results.
  • Make data-driven decisions with real-time insights. See campaign performance instantly and adjust your strategy for maximum impact.
Unify Your Advertising: Display & Video 360
Streamline ad buying across Display, Video, and more with Display & Video 360, a powerful programmatic platform. It combines audience targeting and automated bidding to help you buy ad space efficiently at scale.
Effortless Campaign Management: Display & Video 360 is your one-stop shop for programmatic display campaigns. Plan, design and manage creatives, organize audience data, find inventory, and optimize – all in a single, unified platform.
  • Seamless Collaboration: Create, manage, and develop creative assets efficiently across teams within Display & Video 360.
  • Total Investment Control: Maintain precise cross-device control over your advertising budget with Display & Video 360.
  • Deeper Audience Targeting: Reach the right people at the right time with Display & Video 360's advanced audience targeting capabilities.
Supercharge Your Website with Advanced Testing & Personalization
Introducing Google Optimize 360: Unlock hidden website potential and skyrocket your business growth with data-driven insights and targeted experiences.
Effortlessly A/B test everything from headlines and CTAs to entire layouts. Dive deeper with custom HTML/CSS for ultimate control.
  • Deliver laser-focused experiences to your most valuable audiences, all within familiar Google Analytics.
  • Test endless variations and target them precisely using powerful audience segmentation.
  • Run a massive 100 experiments simultaneously and track up to 3 success metrics to find the winning formula.
Level Up Your Optimization: Choose the Right Tool Optimize for Every Stage of Growth
Who Benefits? Get Started Fast: Perfect for small and medium businesses launching their experimentation journey. Advanced Needs Met: Ideal for larger enterprises with complex testing requirements.
A/B Testing Made Easy
Seamless Google Analytics Integration
Target by URL
Deep User Targeting: Behavior & Technology
Target by Location (Geo Targeting)
Technical Targeting Power (JavaScript, Cookies, Data Layer)
Unlock Advanced Audiences (Google Analytics)
Streamlined Web App Support Effortless Setup Always Supported
Boost Conversions with MVT Test Up to 16 Variations Run Up to 36 Variations (Wow!)
Achieve More with Experiment Goals 3 Pre-built Goals to Get You Started Unlock 10+ Pre-built Goals & More!
Run More Experiments, Faster Results Test Up to 5 Experiments Simultaneously Run Over 100 Experiments - Unleash Growth!
Run multiple experiments at once Up to 5 experiments simultaneously Unlimited experiments with *
Effortless Management Basic plan with unlimited users Advanced Analytics 360 Suite administration
Implementation Made Easy Self-service setup Expert implementation services
World-Class Support Free self-service help center Premium enterprise support with SLAs
Flexible Payment Options Free plan available Scalable monthly billing

* Run up to 24 experiments in each Analytics view. Need more? Just ask.

The All-in-One Studio: Build and Manage Captivating Digital Ads
Effortlessly create and orchestrate dynamic digital ads, from custom videos to personalized experiences.
Studio empowers you to deliver the perfect ad, every time. Personalize elements on-the-fly based on audience, context, and platform. Reach the right users with the most impactful message at the precise moment.
  • Break Free from Creative Constraints
  • No Coding Headaches
  • Any Format
  • Any Device
  • Custom Creations Made Simple
  • Centralized Asset Management
  • Unmatched Control & Flexibility
  • Rock-Solid Quality Assurance
Unlock Consumer Insights with Powerful Market Research
Surveys 360 empowers you to gather valuable customer feedback and make data-driven business decisions – faster and for less than traditional research methods.
Surveys 360 delivers fast, reliable, and validated results that give you a competitive edge – all at an affordable price.
Here's what you can achieve with Surveys 360:
  • Uncover industry trends impacting your business and target audience.
  • Gather real-time feedback on campaigns and make adjustments on the fly.
  • Optimize your creative content by identifying the most effective concepts.
Streamline Your Marketing with Google Tag Manager 360
Manage all your tags in one place, no coding required.
Here's how GTM 360 empowers your marketing:
  • Fast, Flexible, Secure Tagging: Leverage approvals, commenting, and zoned management for efficient collaboration.
  • Seamless Integration: Works perfectly with all Google and third-party tags for a unified experience.
  • Enhanced Collaboration: Unlimited workspaces, granular access controls, and multi-environment testing empower both marketing and IT teams.
Unleash Programmatic Power: Manage & Measure Ads Like a Pro
Campaign Manager puts you in control of programmatic ad buying. Deliver eye-catching creatives, gather valuable data, and optimize your marketing strategy—all from a single platform.
Effortlessly manage your cross-device campaigns with Campaign Manager, the ad management interface built for advertisers and agencies.
Simplify your workflow with features like ad serving, targeting, verification, and reporting—all in one place.
  • Gain a unified view of performance across all media channels.
  • Make data-driven decisions with advanced measurement, attribution, and reporting tools.
  • Deliver a variety of engaging ad formats across every channel with ease.
Unify Your Data. Captivate Your Audience. Introducing Data Studio.
Transform information from anywhere into stunning, interactive reports that update instantly.
Boost collaboration and keep everyone informed with real-time, shareable reports. See why Data Studio is your secret weapon for data visualization.
  • Real-time Updates, Crystal-Clear Insights: Create impactful reports that stay fresh, no matter how fast your data moves.
  • Effortless Sharing, Universal Understanding: Craft reports that resonate with any audience, thanks to intuitive visuals and easy distribution.
  • Unleash the Power of Your Data: Connect to a universe of sources, including Google Analytics, Ads, BigQuery, and more.
Unify Customer Insights: Measure Everything with Google Analytics 360
Gain a complete view of your customer journey by measuring website, app, digital, and even offline data – all in one place.
Unify your data. Google Analytics 360 seamlessly integrates website traffic, marketing campaigns, CRM systems, and offline data into a single, user-friendly platform. Get a clearer picture of content, product, and campaign performance with data that's always fresh – updated every 4 hours.
Make smarter decisions, faster. Analytics 360 empowers you to optimize content across channels, accelerate campaign execution, and make data-driven choices that drive results. Why settle for less than the best? Upgrade to Analytics 360 today.
Supercharge Your Data Collection
Google Analytics Google Analytics 360
Monthly Limits 10 Million Hits (Free) Flexible Paid Plans
Customizable Data Up to 20 Dimensions & Metrics Unleash Your Data Power (200+)
Advanced Insights 5 Calculated Metrics Unlock 50+ Calculated Metrics
Scalable Properties Manage 50 Properties Unlimited Properties
Powerful Views Handle 25 Views Unlimited Views
Consolidated Data Limited Roll-up Full Roll-up Capabilities
Data Refresh Rate Daily Updates (24 hours) Faster Updates (4 hours SLA, BigQuery 10 mins)
Unify Your Data:
Standard Analytics Google Analytics 360
Google Ads Yes Yes
Google AdSense Yes Yes
Google Search Ads 360 No Yes
Display & Video 360 No Yes
Google Ad Manager Yes Yes
Custom Data Import Yes Yes
Real-time Data Import No Yes
BigQuery No Yes
Salesforce No Yes
Uncover Hidden Gems: Advanced Reporting Features
Google Analytics Google Analytics 360
Craft Custom Reports & Dashboards
Deep Dives: Segment Your Audience
Visualize Customer Journeys: Custom Funnels
See What's Happening Now: Real-Time Reports
Map Your Customer Journey: Flow Visualization
Attribution Made Easy: MCF Reports & Modeling
Go Beyond the Click: Data-Driven Attribution
Tame Big Data with DisplaySampling
Google Analytics Google Analytics 360
Pre-Aggregated Standard Reports Enabled Enabled
Daily Report Row Limit 50,000 75,000
Daily Row Limit (All Pages Report) 1,000,000 1,000,000
DisplaySampling for Ad Hoc Reports & Video 360 500,000 sessions/property 100,000,000 sessions/property
Custom Tables Enabled Enabled
Unsampled Reports Enabled Enabled
Conquer Your Big Data Challenges with Our API
Google Analytics Google Analytics 360
Streamline Standard & MCF Reporting Yes Yes
Access Real-Time Data Instantly Yes Yes
Unsampled Reports (Coming Soon) No No
Unlock Raw Session Data with BigQuery Integration No No
Introducing Guaranteed Performance: Your Service Level Agreement (SLA)
Google Analytics Google Analytics 360
Unmatched Reliability: Service Level Agreement Yes Included
Seamless Support: Implementation and Ongoing Assistance Yes Included
Be an Early Adopter: Access to Beta Features No Not Included
Always-On Data Collection

Get your customer data with 99.9% uptime - that's reliable access, 24/7.

Uninterrupted Reporting

Always access your reports with 99% uptime - make data-driven decisions anytime.

Fast Data Processing

See insights quickly - your data is processed within 4 hours (for properties under 2 billion hits/month) with 98% uptime.

Uptle Services: Supercharge Your Marketing with Google Expertise

We're more than just Google Marketing Platform implementation. We offer a variety of services to personalize your marketing activities and empower data-driven decisions.

  • Effortless Google Marketing Platform Licensing

    As a Google Marketing Partner, Uptle streamlines your GMP licensing process. Get a quote and learn more about our terms and conditions – just fill out the form below!

  • Expert GMP Consulting & Training

    Get the most out of your GMP investment with Uptle's ongoing support and expert training. We tailor workshops and courses to your specific needs, ensuring your team masters every tool.

  • Seamless GMP Setup & Implementation

    Uptle helps you unlock the full potential of Google Marketing Platform from day one. Our implementation specialists combine setup with workshops and training, so you can leverage advanced features immediately.

  • Actionable Insights with GMP Personalization

    Uptle's GMP personalization goes beyond data collection. We create custom dashboards that merge data from various sources, giving you deep insights into customer behavior and buying journeys.

Unlock Growth with Google Marketing Platform
- Uptle: Certified Partner

  • Unify Your Marketing: Display, Search & Analytics. Uptle, a certified Google Marketing Platform partner, provides a holistic approach to your digital strategy.
  • Expert Google Marketing Platform Implementation. Our certified specialists handle everything from platform setup and individual tools to ongoing support, training, and consulting.
  • Level Up Your Marketing Results. Uptle empowers you to achieve your KPIs and elevate your marketing maturity with the power of Google Marketing Platform.

Unify Your Marketing Data with Google Marketing Platform
Customer Success Story

Juho Wallenius, Group CMO at Mash, says: 'Implementing the right attribution model goes beyond just using a tool. It's about fundamentally changing how we view our data. As a data-driven company, Google Marketing Platform allows us to unify our marketing data, capabilities, and knowledge across all our global markets.'

- Juho Wallenius, Group CMO (Mash)

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License Setup Training Support
Google Analytics 360
Google Tag Manager 360
Google Optimize 360
Display & Video 360
Campaign Manager
Google Search Ads 360
Google Surveys 360
Data Studio Free Trial
Studio (Creatives) Free Trial

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