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Uncover Local SEO Pricing Options

Want to know what Uptle's local SEO services cost? Explore our pricing below:

Need more details? Keep reading to understand local SEO costs better. We offer various pricing plans based on your business location count!

Unleash Local Search Success: How Much Does Local SEO Cost?

Want to dominate local search and skyrocket your Google rankings? Local SEO is a powerful tool to boost your business visibility, attract more customers, and supercharge your revenue.

One of the most common questions we hear? 'How much does local SEO cost?'

If that's what you're wondering, you're in luck! This page breaks down what you can expect to invest in local SEO services.

Let's dive in! Click below to jump to any section!

Uncover Local SEO Pricing: Watch Now!

Web guru Nate Walter demystifies local SEO and reveals the investment to expect.

Unveiling Local SEO Costs: From Budget-Friendly to Top-Tier

The price tag for your local SEO journey depends on the chosen strategy and the long-term value it delivers.

Local SEO agencies offer a range of service tiers: automated solutions, small-scale campaigns, and comprehensive packages. Let's explore pricing for each.

  • Automated Local SEO: ฿84-฿499 per year
  • Small-Scale Local SEO Campaigns: ฿399-฿899 per month
  • Comprehensive Local SEO: ฿899-฿1,999 per month

Automated Local SEO: Set Up and Forget (for a While)

Automated systems manage your business listings across data providers and directories. They ensure consistent information (name, address, phone number) for local searches.

While convenient, these platforms lack long-term value. They stop maintaining listings once your subscription ends. They also won't significantly improve your website's local ranking.

Pricing varies depending on the platform and chosen package. Expect around ฿129 per location per year for Moz Local. Synup and Yext typically cost ฿300-฿499 per year for a single location, with volume discounts for larger businesses.

Small-Scale Local SEO Campaigns: A Smart Start

Expect to pay ฿399-฿899 per month for smaller-scale SEO services, depending on the agency and their offerings.

This option is ideal for businesses new to local SEO or with a single location. Smaller campaigns might not have all the features of comprehensive plans, but they can still boost your local rankings, attracting more customers and revenue.

Comprehensive Local SEO: Invest for Long-Term Growth

Comprehensive campaigns, like those offered by Uptle, go beyond basic listing management. They include internal website optimization, link building, citation optimization, mobile SEO, and online review management. Additionally, they often provide custom reports for clear ROI tracking.

Comprehensive local SEO services typically cost ฿899-฿1,999 per month.

While more expensive, these holistic campaigns lay the groundwork for long-term success and top search engine rankings.

Unlock the Local SEO Budget Sweet Spot: How Much to Invest

Stop guessing! Explore the key factors affecting your local SEO spend to maximize results.

Competition Crushing Your Rankings? Fight Back!

Dominate competitive markets with a strategic local SEO investment. Create powerful content and targeted pages to outrank rivals and become the local search hero.

Multiple Locations, Multiple Wins? Scale Your Local SEO

Unleash the power of local SEO across all your locations. Invest smartly to optimize each listing and dominate your local market share.

More Products, More Customers? Expand Your Local SEO Reach

Showcase your diverse offerings with a targeted local SEO campaign. Invest to create dedicated pages for each product or service and attract the perfect local customer.

Stop Guessing, Start Growing: Get a Custom SEO Quote

Find the perfect SEO strategy to dominate your target market

National SEO
Rank higher for competitive keywords and reach a wider audience.
Local SEO
Attract more local customers and crush your competition.
Ecommerce SEO
Drive more sales and keep your online store thriving.

Free Google My Business Listing: Boost Your Local SEO

Supercharge your local SEO for free with a Google My Business listing! Claiming your listing gets your business in front of local customers searching on Google.

Showcase your business with photos and manage reviews to build trust and attract loyal customers, all through Google My Business.

Uptle's local SEO plans take care of everything: Google My Business setup, optimization, and monthly reports to maximize your reach to local customers.

Supercharge Your Google Maps Listing with 360° Virtual Tours!

Want to take your Google Maps listing to the next level? Google Business View lets you create a stunning, interactive 360° virtual tour – powered by Google Street View technology!

Google Business View is a fast, cost-effective way to attract more visitors to your Google Maps listing and website. Partner with a local, Google-approved photographer or agency to create a captivating 360° tour of your business, giving potential customers a sneak peek inside! Customers can conveniently access your Business View tour directly from Google Search results, Google Maps, and Google+, helping you stand out from the competition. Plus, you can embed the tour on your website, social media, blog, newsletters, and more to boost your local SEO ranking.

See it in action! Click here to explore a 360° virtual tour of Dover Downs Hotel & Casino in Dover, Delaware.

Uptle connects you with local, Street View Certified Google partners who create Google-approved virtual tours to optimize your local SEO.

Pricing varies depending on your chosen partner. Uptle can help you find the perfect partner to fit your budget and campaign goals.

Ready to take the plunge? Contact Uptle, the Google Maps optimization experts, to learn more!

Boost Your Local Business with Powerful SEO

Imagine this: someone in your neighborhood searches online for a business like yours. Will they find you easily? Local SEO makes the difference. Google is where people look for local services, and their search results are constantly evolving to provide the most relevant answers.

The answer? Almost always. Google Maps dominates local searches, and a high ranking in local listings is crucial for your success. That's where we come in.

We're local SEO experts with a proven track record. Our team understands how Google prioritizes businesses in local searches, and we have the expertise to help you secure that coveted top spot for your target keywords. We even have dedicated Google Places SEO specialists to give your business the extra edge it needs to stand out.

Is Local SEO Right for Your Business?

Imagine searching for your product or service on Google. Does the top page show local businesses on Google Maps? Do you exclusively serve a specific area? Are your competitors dominating local listings?

If you answered 'yes' to any of these, local SEO could be your secret weapon to outrank competitors!

But hold on! Consider your target market. Local SEO shines for local businesses that want to attract customers nearby. As local SEO experts, we know which businesses benefit most from optimized listings.

Local SEO is surprisingly versatile and can work for many businesses. Let's discuss if it's right for you!

Ready to Grow? Get your FREE Quote Today!

Our web designers and web developers, as well as digital strategists have launched more than 1000 sites and collaborated with clients in a range of industries, from manufacturing to retail to healthcare. Not to mention, we've helped our clients earn more than ฿1.5 billion in revenue in the past five years and continue to help our clients grow their businesses. Request a free quote and see how Uptle can help you.

Increased Website Traffic by
Increased Conversion Rate by
Increased Leads Generated by

Local SEO: A Powerful Ally for Your Traditional SEO Strategy

While local SEO is crucial for building your online presence in search engines, local results aren't always displayed by default. The key to a strong search engine presence lies in integrated internet marketing. This way, local SEO becomes another weapon in your arsenal, ensuring you cover all your bases.

Imagine dominating search results by appearing on both Google Maps and regular search listings! Ranking high in both categories can lead to more results for your business in a single search. Google limits the number of times a single domain can appear in regular results. But, if your Google Places listing shows up alongside your website, that's another valuable position for your company and one your competitors miss out on.

Local SEO for Google Maps can grant your business prime real estate on search engine results pages, pushing your competition out of the spotlight.

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For busy business owners, a local SEO firm can be a game-changer. Local SEO companies like Uptle specialize in the specific strategies needed to maximize your online presence. A Google SEO agency can be the simple and effective solution to implementing local listings SEO methods.

Unlock Hidden ROI: Track Calls from Your Google Local Listing

Ever wondered how many calls your Google Local Listing generates?

Traffic is great, but conversions are king. Local searches often lead to immediate calls, bypassing websites entirely.

Capturing these valuable leads can be tricky. Uptle's call tracking seamlessly integrates with your local SEO plan.

We assign a unique trackable number to your Google Local Listing that connects to your existing phone line.

See exactly how many calls originate from your listing, giving you a clear picture of your local SEO success.

Local SEO Packages That Drive Results

Get started with local SEO for just ฿350 per location! Uptle offers flexible local SEO plans to fit your budget and goals.

All our plans include local keyword research, location management, and optimization of top platforms like Google My Business, Bing Local, Apple Maps, plus review management with our proprietary tool, ReviewBoost, to help you dominate local search engine optimization.

Take Control of Your Local SEO: Pay Per Location Pricing

Want to manage your local SEO yourself, but need the right tools? We've got you covered. Uptle's client-managed Local SEO lets you take the reins, perfect for those with some SEO experience or existing campaigns they want to oversee.

Our user-friendly Local interface simplifies campaign management. Gain citation management capabilities and a suite of other powerful tools to boost your local presence.

Locations Price Per Location Custom Quote

5-25 Locations (Min. 5)


26-100 Locations


101-150 Locations


151-200 Locations


201-300 Locations


301-400 Locations


401-600 Locations


601-800 Locations


801-1000 Locations


1000+ Locations


Local Profile Creation (GMB, Yelp, Facebook - Up to 3 per Location)

฿100/Location (1000+)

Keyword Research & Syncing (Google/Facebook/Yelp)

Keyword Research (Up to 25 Locations, 20 Hours)

฿2,000 (Local Profile Creation)

Keyword Research (26-50 Locations, 35 Hours)

฿3,500 (Keyword Research & Syncing)

Keyword Research (51-75 Locations, 50 Hours)

฿5,000 (Keyword Research: Up to 25 Locations)

Keyword Research (76+ Locations)

Custom Quote

Large Chain? Get a Scaled Solution: Contact us for a Custom Quote.

Dominate Local Search with Uptle's Powerful SEO

Imagine maximizing your return on investment (ROI) with local SEO. At Uptle, a dedicated expert crafts a strategy to optimize your local presence, ensuring you get the most bang for your marketing buck.

Target the world's most popular search engine: Google. Our SEO services put your business at the forefront of local searches, driving qualified leads right to your doorstep.

Get found on Google Maps at a fraction of the cost! Our transparent pricing lets you see the exceptional value Uptle offers. We're confident you won't find better local SEO expertise for a more competitive price.

Ready to unlock the power of local SEO? Contact Uptle today and discover how we can transform your business growth.

We're passionate about helping you attract more local leads and skyrocket your revenue!


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