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Unlock Email Marketing Growth: See Our Pricing!

Stop wondering, start growing. Explore Uptle's plans or keep reading for email marketing cost insights.

Kickstart Growth
One-Time Fee: ฿900
  • 1 Email/Month
  • Basic Graphics (2 per email)
  • Subject Line Testing
  • Manage Your List
Scale & Convert
One-Time Fee: ฿900
  • Up to 2 Emails/Month
  • Track Conversions
  • Segment Your List
  • Monthly/Quarterly Lead Reports
Advanced Strategy
One-Time Fee: ฿900
  • Up to 4 Emails/Month
  • Campaign & Targeting
  • Call Tracking
  • Website Signup Integration

Unlock Massive ROI: How Email Marketing Can Skyrocket Your Revenue

Imagine turning a simple email into thousands in sales. Email marketing makes it that easy. With the right strategy, tools, and effort, you can dramatically boost your annual revenue.

An email marketing plan is all you need to:

Unboxing the Cost of Email Marketing: Low Investment, High Returns

Mid-sized businesses can manage their own email marketing for as little as ฿9 per month! Price varies based on platform and subscriber count. Agencies typically charge ฿300-฿500 monthly.

Reignite customer interest! Email marketing reminds past, present, and potential customers about your brand and entices them to visit your website. We craft email campaigns focused on customer retention and relationship building at an affordable email campaign cost.

Stay top-of-mind and win more sales! By consistently reaching your audience through email, you'll be the brand they choose when it's time to buy.

82% of marketers spend 0%-20% of their budget on email marketing, but experts recommend allocating 16%. The ideal amount for your business depends on several factors:

  • Annual revenue
  • Online sales percentage
  • Your industry
  • Your products or services
  • Overall digital marketing goals

Find the perfect email marketing budget for your company! It's a cost-effective strategy with an impressive ROI – you can earn ฿44 for every ฿1 spent.

Stretch your marketing budget further and reach more customers – email marketing is your answer!

Find Your Perfect Fit: Custom Email Marketing Solutions

Choose your email marketing needs and unlock tailored pricing

Managed Email Marketing
Grow your leads with expertly crafted campaigns that convert. We'll handle everything, from strategy to results.
Professional Email Design
Stand out with stunning emails optimized for all devices. Design that reflects your brand and drives engagement.
Automated Lead Nurturing
Turn leads into loyal customers. Nurture relationships with personalized email sequences that guide them through the buying journey.

Unlock the Secrets: What Affects Your Email Marketing Costs

Dive deeper and discover the key factors influencing your email marketing budget.

Is Your Email List a Drag? Clean It Up for Top-Performing Campaigns

Blast off your email marketing results! Inactive subscribers can weigh down your campaigns and hurt your ROI. Take some time to clean your list for better performance. Consider using an email marketing service pricing to help you segment and remove unengaged subscribers.

Ditch the dead weight! Services like Kickbox, NeverBounce, and BriteVerify help identify bad email addresses and inactive subscribers, so you only reach engaged audiences.

Curious about pricing? We've got you covered. Check out the details below.

Free Verifications Gone? Unveiling Kickbox Pricing

Kickbox gives you 100 free email verifications to get started. Here's a breakdown of their pricing for higher volumes:

  • 50,000 verifications: ฿250
  • 100,000 verifications: ฿400
  • 250,000 verifications: ฿750
  • 500,000 verifications: ฿1,000
  • 1 Million verifications: ฿1,500
  • 5 Million verifications: ฿2,500

Learn more about Kickbox pricing plans for even greater savings.

Slash Email Verification Costs with NeverBounce!

NeverBounce rewards high volume with lower per-email pricing. See how much you can save:

  • Up to 10,000 verifications: ฿0.008/email
  • Up to 100,000 verifications: 50% discount - ฿0.005/email
  • Up to 250,000 verifications: Save even more - ฿0.004/email
  • Up to 1 Million verifications: Unlock rock-bottom pricing - ฿0.003/email
  • Up to 3 Million verifications: High volume, huge savings - ฿0.0025/email
  • Over 10 Million verifications: Enterprise pricing available - contact us!

For example, verifying 100,000 emails costs just ฿400 (that's ฿0.004 per email). See even greater savings with higher volumes! Try their price calculator for a personalized quote.

Clean Emails for Less: Introducing BriteVerify's Low Rates

Get started with BriteVerify for just ฿0.01 per email verification on your first 250,000 each month. Plus, enjoy even lower rates with higher volume! and explore low-cost email marketing solutions to save even more.

  • Up to 250,000 Verifications: ฿0.01 per Email
  • 250,000 – 500,000 Verifications: ฿0.008 per Email
  • 500,000 – 1 Million Verifications: ฿0.006 per Email
  • 1 Million – 2 Million Verifications: ฿0.005 per Email

For example, cleaning a list of 100,000 emails would cost only ฿1,000 (฿0.01 per email). See how much you can save with BriteVerify's pricing calculator.

Maintain a sparkling clean email list with quarterly cleaning – every 3 months is recommended.

Unleash Email Design Power: Cost Considerations for Stand-Out Campaigns

Crafting stunning, high-impact email designs? Expect an investment.

Want a custom email template? Agencies typically charge flat fees or hourly rates. For instance, at Uptle, our basic email template design starts at ฿899 (one-time fee), while enhanced plans go for ฿1,699.

The more intricate your email design, the higher the cost.

Hit the Right Frequency: Save on Email Marketing Costs

Sending emails too often can hurt your wallet, just like it can hurt your inbox reputation.

Stretch your budget further by strategically spacing out your emails. Opt for a monthly newsletter instead of weekly blasts, for example.

Imagine a distribution cost of ฿0.03 per recipient for your 100,000 subscriber list. A monthly email would cost ฿3,000, whereas weekly blasts would rack up a hefty ฿12,000 monthly bill.

The bottom line: fewer emails often translates to lower costs, and text message marketing can be a more cost-effective way to reach your customers.

Don't Overpay! Find the Perfect Email Marketing Platform for Your Budget

Stop Throwing Money Away! The right email platform saves you cash and boosts results. Let's explore your options.

  • Mailchimp: Free to ฿199/month (Great for Startups)
  • Constant Contact: Starts at ฿20/month (Easy for Beginners)
  • Campaign Monitor: ฿9/month to ฿759/month (Flexible Features)
  • GetResponse: ฿15/month to ฿999/month (Powerful Automation)
  • HubSpot: Freemium (Marketing Suite Option)
  • ActiveCampaign: Starts at ฿9/month (Focuses on Sales Funnels)
  • Infusionsoft: Starts at ฿199/month (CRM Integration)
  • Salesforce Pardot: Starts at ฿1,000/month (Enterprise-Level)

Feeling overwhelmed? Don't worry, we've got you covered. These are just a fraction of the options available. But the best part? We offer a powerful alternative!

Introducing MyEmail: High-Impact Email Marketing, Without the High Price Tag. Send emails for just ฿5 per blast + ฿0.03 per recipient. Scale your campaigns and boost ROI with MyEmail. Contact us today to speak with an email marketing expert and discover how MyEmail can take your campaigns to the next level!

Ready to Grow? Get your FREE Quote Today!

Our web designers and web developers, as well as digital strategists have launched more than 1000 sites and collaborated with clients in a range of industries, from manufacturing to retail to healthcare. Not to mention, we've helped our clients earn more than ฿1.5 billion in revenue in the past five years and continue to help our clients grow their businesses. Request a free quote and see how Uptle can help you.

Increased Website Traffic by
Increased Conversion Rate by
Increased Leads Generated by

Unsure of Email Marketing Costs? We've Got You Covered

Ditch the email marketing overwhelm! Agencies like Uptle craft high-performing campaigns that get results.

Monthly fees keep things simple, with potential adjustments for high-volume sending. Expect to invest ฿300-฿500 monthly. Plus, a small per-recipient send fee (usually cents) might apply depending on the platform.

Let the experts handle email creation, design, and real-time results monitoring. Optimize your campaigns and maximize ROI with an email marketing management agency.

Get Unbeatable Email Marketing Management Pricing & Drive More Leads

Uptle is a leading email marketing management company. We craft email campaigns that get your brand noticed and convert leads – over 3 million and counting! Let our dedicated marketing team propel your business growth.

See how our affordable email marketing services can fit your budget.

Stop Struggling! Get Fully Managed Email Marketing That Works

Uptle is a leading email marketing management company. We craft email campaigns that get your brand noticed and convert leads – over 3 million and counting! Let our dedicated marketing team propel your business growth.

See how our affordable email marketing services can fit your budget.

Feature Essentials Growth Champion

Included Emails


Emails per Month

Pro-Written Content (Up to 250 words/email)

Eye-Catching Graphics (Up to 2/email)

Strategic Planning

(Essentials Only)

(Growth Champion Only)

Customizable Design Edits

A/B Subject Line Testing

Conversion Tracking Included

24+ Email Client Compatibility Testing

Effortless Email Delivery

Expert Subscriber Management

Detailed Open Rate Analysis

Click-Through Rate Insights

Regular Lead Generation Reports

Real-Time Email Metrics Access

(Growth Champion Only)

(Growth Champion Only)

Dedicated Campaign Management

Subscriber Management Included

Proven Success with 200+ Businesses

Website Signup Integration (Growth Champion)

Landing Page Implementation (Growth Champion)

Pre-Built Responsive Email Template

Custom Template Design (Growth Champion)

Up to 2

Up to 2

Use Your Preferred Email Platform

Additional Emails

฿250 per additional

Monthly Investment

Monthly Fee


Customizable Solutions Starting at Just ฿120/Hour

Level Up Your Email Marketing (Without Breaking the Bank)

Reach customers and prospects consistently with our partially managed email marketing services. Craft your message directly, while we handle everything else for optimal results.

Boost engagement with A/B testing! Discover the subject lines, formats, and headlines that resonate best. We'll optimize your campaigns for maximum website traffic.

Track phone calls driven by your emails. Gain valuable insights with a comprehensive service that simplifies data collection.

Feature Startup (Quarterly) Startup Growth Driver Enterprise

Emails per Month

Price per Quarter


Up to 2 Emails

Up to 4 Emails

Write Your Own Content

Custom Quote

Custom Quote

Custom Quote

Custom Quote

Basic Graphics (Up to 2 per Email)

Campaign Strategy

Campaign Theme Development

Email Design Edits

Email Coding

Split Test Subject Lines

Conversion Tracking

24 Mail Client Testing

Email Delivery

Subscriber Management

Open Rate Analysis

Click Rate Analysis

Monthly/Quarterly Reports

Real-Time Email Metrics

List Segmentation Testing

Call Tracking

Project Management

Subscriber Management

Powered by 200+ Successful Campaigns

Website Signup Integration

Landing Page Integration

Pre-Built Email Template

Custom Email Template Design (Optional)





Use Any Email Platform (e.g. MyEmail, Mailchimp)

Additional Emails

$5/Additional Email

Monthly Cost:





Grow Leads & Sales: Lead Nurture Email Pricing

Customer journeys take time. Uptle's lead nurture email marketing helps you build relationships and provide the information they need to buy, even if decisions take weeks or months.

All plans include lifecycle email strategy, campaign & target audience planning, lead nurturing workflow, sales cycle recommendations, copywriting, graphics, email testing, and more. Here's a breakdown of what's included and our lead nurture email marketing pricing.

Feature Basic Nurture Smart Nurture Pro Nurture Pro+ Nurture (Automation)

Email Marketing Sequence

Single 3-stage Email Drip

Single 6-stage Email Drip

Double 6-stage Email Drips (12 total emails)

Double 10-stage Email Drips (20 total emails)

Lifecycle Email Strategy

Campaign & Target Audience Planning

Lead Nurturing Workflow

Sales Cycle Recommendations

Creative Theme Development

Theme Design Edits per Email

Copywriting (Up to 200 words/email)

Email Body Content Graphics

Lifecycle Email Coding

Web Form Signup Implementation

By Quote

By Quote

By Quote

By Quote

Web Form Signup Tagging

24-Client Email Testing

Built-in Unsubscribe

Custom Segment List Creation

Manual Form Subscription

On-Demand Open Rate Reports (Stage)

On-Demand Individual Subscriber Reports

On-Demand Click-Through Rate Reports

Future Lifecycle Stage Addition

Call Tracking for ROI Reporting

Complete Visitor/Lead Lifecycle View

Triggered Web Visitor Behavior Emails

Company Data Triggered Emails (CompanyTracker)

Revenue & Employee Data Triggered Emails (CompanyTracker)

Location Data Triggered Emails (CompanyTracker)

200+ Proven SME Campaign Results

Quarterly Bonus Email Added


Initial Setup (Design, Copy, Strategy, Tracking) &:





Up to 3,000 Subscribers (or)

฿200/mo (฿300 Non-Customers)

฿200/mo (฿300 Non-Customers)

฿200/mo (฿300 Non-Customers)

฿200/mo (฿300 Non-Customers)

3,000 to 10,000 Subscribers (or)

฿450/mo (฿600 Non-Customers)

฿450/mo (฿600 Non-Customers)

฿450/mo (฿600 Non-Customers)

฿450/mo (฿600 Non-Customers)

10,000 to 25,000 Subscribers (or)

฿750/mo (฿900 Non-Customers)

฿750/mo (฿900 Non-Customers)

฿750/mo (฿900 Non-Customers)

฿750/mo (฿900 Non-Customers)

Over 25,000 Subscribers

Call for Volume Discounts

Call for Volume Discounts

Call for Volume Discounts

Call for Volume Discounts

Fuel Your Leads with Automated Drip Campaigns (Pricing)

Turn lukewarm leads into loyal customers with nurturing drip email sequences. Here's how our plans can help!

Feature 1 Drip Campaign 3 Drip Campaigns

Automated Email Marketing Series

6-Part Drip Email Automation

6-Part Drip Email for 3 Forms (18 Emails Total)

Strategic Drip Email Distribution Schedule

Campaign & Target Audience Strategy

Lead Nurturing Workflow Development

Sales Cycle Integration Recommendations

Creative Theme Development

Custom Design Tweaks for Each Drip Email

Compelling Copywriting for Your Campaigns

Engaging Graphics for Email Body Content

Clean Drip Email Coding

Seamless Web Form Signup Implementation

Automated Web Form Signup Tagging

Rigorous Testing Across 24 Email Clients

Built-in Unsubscribe Functionality

Create Powerful Custom Audience Segments

Manual Form Subscriptions to Drip Campaigns

On-Demand Reports: Open Rate per Drip Stage

On-Demand Reports: Individual Subscriber Performance

On-Demand Reports: Clickthrough Rate per Drip Stage

Easily Add More Drip Stages Later

Proven Results: Powered by 200+ Successful SMEs

Everything You Need to Get Started: Design, Copywriting, Strategy & Tracking



Up to 5,000 Subscribers

Start at ฿200/month

Start at ฿200/month

5,000 to 20,000 Subscribers

Start at ฿450/month

Start at ฿450/month

20,000 to 50,000 Subscribers

Start at ฿750/month

Start at ฿750/month

Over 50,000 Subscribers

High Volume? Talk to Us - Discounts Available!

High Volume? Talk to Us - Discounts Available!

Elevate Your Email Marketing with Stunning Designs (Price Included!)

Stop settling for bland emails! Uptle offers custom email design services to create emails that capture attention and drive results. All plans include a call to action strategy, email layout prototype, edits, HTML build, MyEmail integration (if applicable), responsive design, and email testing across devices.

Feature Basic Enhanced

Call to action strategy

Email layout prototype

Edits to email creative

Creative build into HTML

Importation of email into MyEmail (if applicable)

Testing on 20+ email clients

Mobile device testing

Email marketing strategy document

Help with copywriting for the first email blast

Assistance with email marketing delivery schedule

1-hour strategy call with a Uptle email marketing expert

Post-delivery email marketing tips (performance review)

Responsive design & testing

Proven Results: 200+ SMEs Succeed with Uptle




MyEmail Pricing: Grow Your Business with Powerful Email Marketing

Uptle's MyEmail is a powerful email marketing software built to help businesses thrive. Go beyond sending emails – reduce email blast costs and ensure a positive return on investment (ROI) for your company.

MyEmail boasts a suite of features that empower you to track email performance and refine your marketing strategies. Gain the competitive edge you need to succeed with MyEmail's comprehensive toolkit.

Uncover valuable insights with MyEmail's detailed email reports. Identify trends, understand audience preferences, and leverage these insights to optimize future campaigns for even greater success.

Ready to take control with self-managed email campaigns using MyEmail? Here's a breakdown of our pricing:

Feature Non-Uptle Clients (Self-Managed)

Distribution Cost

฿5 per blast

Recipient Cost

฿0.03 per recipient

Branded Responsive Email Template Development


Campaign Support (Optional)

฿120 per hour

Uptle: The Effortless Email Marketing Manager You've Been Waiting For

Stop stressing about email marketing! Uptle takes control, ensuring consistent scheduling and expert management of every aspect. Our specialists handle everything from email testing and subscriber management to analyzing lead data. Sit back, relax, and let Uptle handle the heavy lifting.

Uptle is your one-stop shop for powerful email marketing solutions. Whether you choose our bulk email services or MyEmail software, we'll prove why we're a top email marketing agency. Contact us today and discover how we can transform your newsletters into lead-generating machines that drive clicks, leads, and sales.


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