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Social Media Service Packages - Affordable Pricing!

Get started with social media marketing! See our Uptle pricing options:

  • Boosted Posts Ad Spend: ฿200-400
  • 30 Social Posts/Month
  • 3 Boosted Posts
  • Boosted Posts Ad Spend: ฿300-฿600
  • 45 Social Posts/Month
  • 4 Boosted Posts
  • Boosted Posts Ad Spend: ฿400-฿800
  • 60 Social Posts/Month
  • 5 Boosted Posts

Unlock Your Social Media Potential: How Much Does it REALLY Cost?

Social media is booming, and it's a marketing powerhouse! Connect with current and potential customers, build relationships, and drive sales - all on powerful social platforms.

The burning question: how much does social media management cost? It depends on your needs! Agency experience, chosen plans, and the number of social networks all play a role.

But here's the good news: companies typically invest ฿4,000 to ฿7,000 per month on social media design and marketing strategy for their chosen networks.

At Uptle, the award-winning social media agency, we offer flexible plans to fit your budget and goals. Expect to pay between ฿1,200 and ฿2,750 per month for our expert services.

Dive deeper! Explore social media pricing per network and discover our tailored plans on this page.

Let's make social media magic happen - contact us today!

Unlock Your Social Media Growth: How Much Does Outsourcing Cost?
1. Target the Right Audience: Choose Your Networks
2. See What's Included in Your Plan
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3. Get Your Free Quote & Start Growing!

Unlock the Power of Video Social Media: How Much Does Marketing & Ads Cost?

Uptle's Jazmin De Jesus dives into the value of social media marketing and reveals the investment behind it.

Social Media Marketing: Free to Start, Priceless for Growth

Sure, creating social media profiles is free. But managing them effectively takes serious time and expertise. You wouldn't risk surgery on an unqualified doctor, would you?

Hiring a dedicated social media manager can be expensive. But the cost of a poorly managed campaign can be even higher. Damage to your brand reputation is hard to undo.

Uptle offers affordable social media marketing plans for major platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Pinterest. It's a fraction of the cost of hiring a full-time manager, and you get a fully managed campaign.

Our social media experts will not only build a strong online presence but also ensure it's constantly monitored and updated, keeping your audience engaged.

Curious about specific costs? Let's explore social media marketing pricing for different channels and see how Uptle's custom plans can fit your budget.

Unlock the Cost of Social Media Advertising Across Networks

Unsure about your social media advertising budget? We've got you covered!

Social media platforms significantly impact your advertising costs, similar to other marketing channels. For instance, with a larger user base, expect to pay more for ad space due to increased competition.

Ready to dive into platform-specific costs? Let's break down social media marketing pricing by network.

Facebook boasts over 1 billion daily users, making it a goldmine for reaching your target audience.

Setting up a Facebook business account is completely free. However, for amplified customer engagement, consider exploring paid advertising options.

So, how much does Facebook marketing cost?

Targeted Facebook Ads: Achieve Specific Goals

When creating paid Facebook ads, you can optimize them for various objectives, including:

  • Boosting page likes
  • Driving website clicks
  • Conversions on your website
  • App installations
  • ...and more!

Facebook empowers you to manage ad costs effectively. Choose between getting the best conversions at optimal prices or setting campaign budgets. Additionally, you have CPM and CPC bidding models at your disposal.

With CPM (cost per mille), you pay for every 1,000 impressions of your ad. In simpler terms, you pay a specific amount each time your ad is shown to 1,000 Facebook users, regardless of clicks.

On the other hand, CPC (cost per click) means you only pay when users click your ads. This targets interested users, but typically comes at a higher cost.

CPC for Facebook ads varies based on goals and target audience. In 2015, the average CPC for a Facebook ad was ฿0.27.

Grow Your Following: The Cost of Facebook Likes

Many businesses prioritize acquiring more page likes when creating Facebook ads.

Buffer, a social media management company, conducted Facebook tests to determine the average cost per like. They found it to be around ฿0.57. This is a budget-friendly way to expand your Facebook reach.

Boost Existing Posts: Targeted Visibility

Facebook allows you to 'boost' existing posts for increased visibility among your chosen target audience.

Boosted post costs depend on your target audience and the number you want to reach. Facebook uses CPM for boosted posts, with the average cost being ฿6.35 per 1,000 impressions.

Professional Facebook Management Services

Social Media Pricing: Facebook

Social Media Marketing:

฿900 - ฿1600+ per month

Social Media Advertising:

฿450 - ฿850+ per month, with additional ad spend starting at ฿200

Social media management for Facebook typically ranges from ฿450 to ฿1600 or more per month. Social media marketing services generally cost between ฿900 and ฿1600, while Facebook advertising services range from ฿450 to ฿850 or more per month, with a minimum ad spend of ฿200.

Setting up a Twitter business account is free, just like Facebook. But to expand your reach, consider Twitter Ads. Let's explore some options!

Promote Your Tweets

Put your tweets in front of more eyes! Promoted Tweets appear as 'promoted' in timelines, grabbing user attention.

Promoted Tweets use a bidding system. You pay based on user engagement (clicks, replies, retweets, likes). Expect to pay around ฿1.35 per tweet promotion.

Grow Your Follower Base with Promoted Accounts

Want to build brand awareness and attract more followers? Promote your entire account!

Unlike engagement bidding, you set a cost per new follower. This varies based on targeting, but expect ฿2.50-฿4 per follower.

Top the Charts with Promoted Trends (For Bigger Budgets)

Twitter's 'Trending Topics' showcase the hottest hashtags and discussions. Promoted Trends land at the top, clearly marked 'promoted'.

Secure a top spot for your promoted trend with a daily bid of around ฿200,000.

Combine promoted tweets, accounts, and trends for maximum reach and brand awareness.

Leave Twitter Management to the Pros

Twitter Pricing Made Easy

Social Media Marketing:

฿900 - ฿1600+ per month

Social Media Advertising:

฿450 - ฿850+ per month, with additional ad spend starting at ฿200

Social media management for Twitter ranges from ฿450 to ฿1600 per month. Focus on social media marketing? Expect ฿900 to ฿1600. For social media advertising, budget ฿200 for monthly ad spend, with management costing ฿450 to ฿850 per month.

Unlock LinkedIn's Power: Boost Your Brand Awareness & Connections (Paid Options)

Setting up a LinkedIn profile for your business is free, just like Facebook and Twitter. But to truly skyrocket connections and brand awareness, explore these paid options designed to get your name out there.

Targeted Ads: Reach the Perfect Audience

Grab Attention with Sidebar Ads: Showcase your brand alongside user feeds and visited pages. These quick, eye-catching ads feature a thumbnail image and a strong call to action, driving clicks to your website. Create up to 15 unique ads, each with a punchy 25-character headline and a clear 75-character description.

Laser-Focus Your Targeting: Go beyond demographics! Target your ideal customer with pinpoint accuracy based on company size, industry, job title, and more.

Flexible Pricing Models: Choose CPC (Cost-per-Click) and pay only when someone clicks your ad. Minimum bid starts at ฿2, but for optimal results, LinkedIn recommends ฿5.55 - ฿9.33. Set daily budgets of at least ฿10 and customize campaign duration.

CPM (Cost-per-1000 Impressions) Option Available: For broader reach, consider CPM. Minimum bid starts at ฿2, but aim for ฿2.85 - ฿4.62 for better results.

Sponsored Updates: Elevate Your Best Content

Amplify Your Reach: Similar to Facebook's sponsored posts, sponsored updates elevate your existing LinkedIn posts in user feeds, ensuring maximum visibility.

Stand Out Clearly: Sponsored updates are prominently displayed with a clear 'Sponsored' label under your company name.

Seamless Targeting: Leverage the same powerful targeting options available with regular ads to reach your ideal audience.

Cost-Effective Promotion: Pricing follows a similar structure as regular ads, with slightly different suggested bids.

Choose Your Pricing Model: For CPC, the minimum bid is ฿2.50, with a recommended range of ฿5.67 - ฿10.09. Opt for CPM with a minimum of ฿10.50 and a suggested range of ฿18.55 - ฿28.91. As with regular ads, a minimum daily budget of ฿10 applies.

Professional Management: Maximize Your ROI

Social Media Pricing: LinkedIn

Social Media Marketing:

฿900 - ฿1600+ per month

Social Media Advertising:

฿450 - ฿850+ per month, with additional ad spend starting at ฿200

Invest in a professional LinkedIn advertising campaign and unlock the platform's full potential. Packages range from ฿450 to ฿850 per month, with most companies starting at ฿200 in monthly ad spend. For comprehensive LinkedIn marketing campaigns, expect an investment of at least ฿900 per month.

Instagram Ads: Cost-Effective Marketing for Your Business

Setting up an Instagram business page is completely free! But you can also create Instagram ads that appear as sponsored posts in users' feeds.

Previously, these ads were exclusive to big brands. Now, you can access Instagram advertising through Facebook Ads Manager for your business!

On average, you can expect to pay ฿6.70 per thousand views (CPM) for your Instagram photo ad. Video ads cost around ฿3 per CPM, with some businesses reporting as low as ฿0.02 per view!

Instagram even offers its own social media analytics platform to help you optimize your campaigns and get the most out of your budget.

Instagram Marketing Costs: A Breakdown

Social Media Pricing: Instagram

Social Media Marketing:

฿900 - ฿1600+ per month

Social Media Advertising:

฿450 - ฿850+ per month, with additional ad spend starting at ฿200

The cost of social media content marketing for Instagram varies. Professional management of your Instagram ad campaign can range from ฿450 to ฿850 per month, with a minimum ad spend of ฿200. In comparison, comprehensive Instagram social media content marketing services typically cost between ฿900 and ฿1600 or more per month.

Boost Your Brand on Pinterest: Reach Engaged Users Affordably

Forget expensive social media agencies! Setting up a Pinterest business account is free, but you can unlock even greater reach with promoted pins.

Promote specific pins to target audiences. Choose relevant keywords for search results and define your ideal customer by location, language, gender, and device.

Pay only when someone clicks: Pinterest uses CPC (cost-per-click) pricing. Set a maximum bid you're willing to pay per website click, and never pay more. Social Media Examiner even got clicks for just ฿0.13 per bid of ฿1!

Stay in control: Set a daily budget and campaign duration to perfectly fit your marketing goals.

Social Media Costs: A Smarter Approach

Social Media Pricing Pinterest

Social Media Marketing:

฿900 - ฿1600+ per month

Social Media Advertising:

฿450 - ฿850+ per month, with additional ad spend starting at ฿200

Skip the hefty agency fees! Pinterest marketing starts at just ฿900 per month, while advertising begins at a budget-friendly ฿450. The average monthly ad spend is only ฿200, making Pinterest an incredibly cost-effective way to reach your target audience.

Supercharge Your Social Media: Uptle Pricing Made Easy

Grow your business with Uptle's custom social media plans! We help you develop a winning strategy, build engaging pages, and publish content that drives results – all at a price that fits your budget.

Craft the perfect social strategy tailored to your goals and budget! Choose the number of platforms you need and see a transparent breakdown of our pricing.

Uptle's social media plans go beyond just posting. You get everything you need to succeed, including network setup, competitor analysis, custom recommendations, a dedicated account manager, daily monitoring, content creation tools, and much more. Plus, receive monthly reports and access to MarketingCloud for enhanced marketing power.

Own Your First Network (฿1,400)
  • 15 Social Posts/Month
  • 6 Custom Images/Month
  • 2 Boosted Posts
Double Up! Manage Two Networks (฿1,800)
  • 30 Social Posts/Month
  • 8 Custom Images/Month
  • 4 Boosted Posts
Triple Threat: Conquer Three Networks (฿2,000)
  • 45 Social Posts/Month
  • 10 Custom Images/Month
  • 6 Boosted Posts
Dominate Four Networks + Run a Contest (฿2,300)
  • 60 Social Posts/Month
  • 12 Custom Images/Month
  • 8 Boosted Posts
  • One Contest/Year
Rule All Five Networks + Host a Contest (฿2,600)
  • 75 Social Posts/Month
  • 14 Custom Images/Month
  • 10 Boosted Posts
  • One Contest/Year

Supercharge Your Social Media Ads with Uptle!

Ready to take your social media advertising to the next level? Uptle offers powerful social media ad plans designed to get you results. Every plan includes custom ad images, advanced targeting options, a dedicated account manager, and more!

Let's dive into what's included and the pricing for Uptle's social media advertising plans.

Dominate One Network
  • 2 Advertising Campaigns
  • 4 Unique Ads
  • 1 Custom Ad Image (Designed by Uptle)
  • 4 Monthly Targeting & Copy Optimizations
  • ฿900 Initial Campaign Investment
  • ฿500/Month Recommended Ad Spend on Platform
Conquer Two Networks
  • 3 Advertising Campaigns
  • 6 Unique Ads
  • 2 Custom Ad Images (Designed by Uptle)
  • 6 Monthly Targeting & Copy Optimizations
  • 1 Social Media Retargeting Campaign & Ad
  • Demographic Targeting
  • Keywords, Interests, & User Intent Targeting
  • ฿1,300 Initial Campaign Investment
  • ฿1,000/Month Recommended Ad Spend on Platforms
Master Three Networks
  • 4 Advertising Campaigns
  • 8 Unique Ads
  • 4 Custom Ad Images (Designed by Uptle)
  • 8 Monthly Targeting & Copy Optimizations
  • 1 Social Media Retargeting Campaign & Ad
  • Demographic Targeting
  • Keywords, Interests, & User Intent Targeting
  • ฿1,600 Initial Campaign Investment
  • ฿1,500+/Month Recommended Ad Spend on Platforms
Rule Four Networks
  • 5 Advertising Campaigns/Target Audiences
  • 10 Unique Ads
  • 8 Custom Ad Images (Designed by Uptle)
  • 10 Monthly Targeting & Copy Optimizations
  • 1 Social Media Retargeting Campaign & Ad
  • Demographic Targeting
  • Keywords, Interests, & User Intent Targeting
  • ฿1,900 Initial Campaign Investment
  • ฿2,000+/Month Recommended Ad Spend on Platforms
Own Five Networks
  • Up to 6 Advertising Campaigns/Target Audiences
  • Up to 12 Unique Ads
  • 10 Custom Ad Images (Designed by Uptle)
  • Up to 12 Monthly Targeting & Copy Optimizations
  • 1 Social Media Retargeting Campaign & Ad
  • Demographic Targeting
  • Keywords, Interests, & User Intent Targeting
  • ฿2,200 Initial Campaign Investment
  • ฿2,500+/Month Recommended Ad Spend on Platforms

Unlock Deeper Insights: Upgrade Your Social Media Package with Enhanced Reporting & Consultation

Want to squeeze more juice out of your social media efforts? Uptle's enhanced consultation and reporting add-on is available for both our social media management and social media advertising plans. This power-up unlocks weekly calls or campaign status updates, along with our standard weekly reporting and analysis.

Level up your social media management with enhanced insights for:

Social Media Management Pricing (Enhanced Reporting & Consultation)

1 Social Network


2 Social Networks


3 Social Networks


4 Social Networks


5 Social Networks


Boost your social media advertising with enhanced insights for:

Social Media Advertising Pricing (Enhanced Reporting & Consultation)

1 Social Network


2 Social Networks


3 Social Networks


4 Social Networks


5 Social Networks


Unlock the Secrets: How Much to Spend on Social Media Marketing

Unsure how much to invest in social media? It depends on your strategy! Factors like platforms used, paid ads, and outsourcing all play a role.

Companies that outsource social media marketing typically spend between ฿200 - ฿350 daily. This translates to ฿4,000 - ฿7,000 monthly or ฿48,000 - ฿84,000 annually.

Industry benchmark? In 2016, companies allocated an average of 11.7% of their marketing budgets to social media.

The key: Choose a budget tailored to your business goals! Uptle's social media plans offer affordability and optimization to help you connect with more customers and boost online revenue.

We offer a variety of services within each Uptle social media pricing tier.

Let's collaborate! We'll analyze your goals, budget, and industry to find the perfect social media marketing package. This ensures you receive social media management that aligns with your needs at a price that fits your company.

New to social media? Start with our basic plan!

Uptle will craft and optimize your Facebook business page for maximum engagement, install desired Facebook apps, post three times weekly, and launch an advertising campaign. This budget-friendly plan is ideal for small businesses entering the social media landscape.

Running a larger business and social media savvy? Consider our aggressive or market leader social media marketing plans.

These plans include creating profiles on additional platforms like Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and more. Uptle's dedicated social media strategists will develop and post daily content, likely utilizing a social media content calendar for scheduling.

Confused About Social Media Pricing? Get Answers Here!

Outsourcing social media can be confusing, especially when it comes to cost. This FAQ clears up everything you need to know about social media pricing. Read on!

1. How Much Does Social Media Marketing Cost?

Outsourcing social media marketing typically costs between ฿900 and ฿7,000 per month. This includes developing your campaign and managing it full-time across 1-5 social networks.

2. How Much Does Social Media Advertising Cost?

Outsourcing social media advertising typically costs between ฿450 and ฿6,000 per month, with ad spend ranging from ฿200 to ฿50,000+ monthly. The final cost depends on your business size, strategy, and budget.

3. How Much Does Social Media Management Cost?

Social media management typically costs between ฿900 and ฿20,000 per month. This service usually includes developing and managing your social media marketing and advertising strategy across 1-5 networks.

Need a custom quote? Make sure the agency's services cover your desired features and platforms.

Want a hands-off approach? Look for an agency that offers a full-service social media strategy, including strategy development, launch, and ongoing management.

Have more questions? Contact us online for further assistance!

Unlock the Secrets of Uptle's Social Media Marketing Pricing

Ditch expensive ads and embrace the power of social media marketing! Create shareable and buzzworthy content with Uptle, and watch your word-of-mouth marketing skyrocket.

We've discovered the most cost-effective way to turn social media traffic into loyal subscribers. Let Uptle show you how.

Uptle's social media pricing reflects the comprehensive strategies we use to build your online presence. From Facebook and Twitter to engaging contests, we cover everything you need to succeed – including a content marketing strategy that will help you attract and engage your target audience.

Our pricing is based on the value we deliver and the measurable results we achieve for your campaigns.

Don't be fooled by rock-bottom prices. Agencies offering social media plans for ฿99 likely lack the expertise to maximize your return on investment (ROI).

Boost Your Brand with Uptle: The Social Media Powerhouse

Struggling to stand out on social media? Uptle, a top social media marketing agency, helps you build, grow, and manage powerful customer connections online.

We offer customized social media solutions, not one-size-fits-all plans. Uptle tailors a package that perfectly fits your unique needs and goals.

Transparency is key. That's why we offer upfront pricing for our social media consulting services. You'll know exactly what you're getting for your investment.

Maximize your social media budget! With Uptle, you can be confident you're getting the most value from your spending. Clear pricing empowers informed decisions.

Uptle, a leading social media agency, ignites online buzz with a strategic approach. We help you:

  • Establish a commanding presence across key social media channels.
  • Spark meaningful interactions that convert followers into loyal customers and brand advocates.
  • Craft high-impact content that delivers on your goals, all within your social media budget.
93% of customers are extremely satisfied with our results.
Uptle has consistently driven more customers to my business year over year. It continues to climb. I'm very happy!

Unlock explosive growth: See how Uptle skyrockets your sales

Imagine this: Partnering with Uptle turns social media into your revenue powerhouse. We've driven over ฿1 billion in sales and generated more than 3 million leads – and we can do the same for you.

Struggling to stand out on social media? Want deeper customer engagement, high-impact content, and a surge in website traffic? We're your one-stop solution for social media engagement!

Our expertise spans over a dozen industries. We have the proven track record you need.

Ready to unlock the power of social media? Get a free quote and discover how Uptle can transform your business. Call our dedicated team or dial 888-601-5359 today!

Unleash Social Media Success: Craft a Winning Plan

Get expert guidance on social media that drives results. Call 888-601-5359 or contact Uptle today.


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