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Supercharge Your Online Ads: Get Maximum ROI with Uptle's Enterprise PPC

Struggling to get the most out of your online ads? Uptle's enterprise PPC solutions can help businesses like yours achieve sky-high return on ad spend (ROAS).

Spending over ฿25,000 per month on paid search? Uptle's custom PPC plans are built for enterprise growth.

Unlock the power of our expert ad management and watch your campaigns soar:

Supercharge Your PPC Campaigns with Uptle Enterprise Services

Looking to scale your PPC efforts? Uptle's Enterprise PPC Management goes beyond the basics, designed for businesses with monthly budgets exceeding ฿25,000.

Explore our comprehensive suite of deliverables and transparent pricing structure, including enterprise pay-per-click options, detailed below.

Feature Enterprise
Dominate Google PPC & Bing Ads
Expand Reach with Bing PPC
Effortless Shopping Feed Management (Client Manages Feed)
Targeted Remarketing: Text Ads & Banners (Client Provides Banners or Design Fees)
Capture Attention with Google Display Network
Engaging YouTube Video Ads
Track In-Store Visits & Optimize Campaigns
Supercharge Targeting with Customer Match
Put Your Competitors on Notice with Gmail Ads
Simplify Feed Management with Integrations (Client Pays Monthly Fee)
Expert Campaign Development & Strategy
Uncover Powerful Keywords for Maximum Impact
Gain Insights with In-Depth Industry Analysis
Compelling Ad Copywriting that Converts
Continuous Keyword Refinement for Peak Performance
Supercharge Ads with Dynamic Keywords
Unlock Powerful Insights with Google Analytics Integration
Get Weekly Performance Reports - Stay Informed, Stay Ahead
Strategic Bidding for Maximum ROI
Never Miss a Click: Monitor Geotargeting & More
Your Dedicated PPC Expert - One Point of Contact
Stop Click Fraud: We've Got Your Back
Go Global with International PPC Campaigns (Start in English)
Automate Bidding Strategies with Rule-Based Controls
Website Conversions Analyzed - Optimize for Success
300+ Satisfied Businesses - We Deliver Results
Track Website Conversions - Gain Valuable Insights
Website Conversion Reports - Make Data-Driven Decisions
Boost Conversions with Landing Page A/B Testing
Weekly Campaign Performance Testing - Continuously Improve
Multivariate Testing for Ecommerce: Optimize Checkout & Cart

Direct access to social media giants:

Your own Google representative team

Dedicated Facebook account manager

YouTube specialist team by your side

Supercharge Your PPC with AI-Powered Management
Gain Insights with Monthly Performance Reports
Unlock Powerful MarketingCloud AI Analytics
One-Time Setup: Pay Only 1 Month's Management Fee
Management Fee:
Monthly Budget ฿50,001 - ฿100,000: Only 12% of Ad Spend
Monthly Budget ฿100,001 - ฿200,000: Low 10% Management Fee
Monthly Budget ฿200,000 - ฿400,000: Just 8% Fee
Monthly Budget ฿400,001 - ฿600,000: Enjoy Only 7% Fee
Monthly Budget ฿600,001 - ฿800,000: Even Lower 6% Fee
Monthly Budget ฿800,001 - ฿1,000,000: Rock-Bottom 5.5% Fee

Unlock Maximum ROI: The Enterprise Guide to PPC

Supercharge your website traffic and generate high-quality leads that convert into sales with powerful PPC advertising.

At Uptle, we know maximizing return on ad spend (ROAS) is crucial, regardless of your budget. But for businesses like yours, investing over ฿25,000 monthly in PPC demands peak efficiency. We help you achieve the best possible results from your paid ad campaigns.

New to ROAS? It's a simple formula: Total campaign revenue divided by total campaign cost. Let's turn clicks into profits!

Maximize Your Return:
Total Campaign Revenue
Total Campaign Cost

But ROAS goes beyond numbers. It's about real business impact.

Our enterprise PPC plans prioritize maximizing ROAS while delivering tangible results aligned with your goals. Whether it's generating more leads or boosting e-commerce sales, we help you achieve them while optimizing your budget.

Boost Your ROI: 3 Powerful PPC Tips

Unleash the profit potential of your paid advertising with these impactful strategies.

1. Track What Works: Unlock Conversion Tracking Magic

Discover which ads generate the most valuable leads and sales. Conversion tracking empowers you to optimize campaigns for maximum return.

Focus your budget on high-performing ads and platforms, eliminating wasted spend on ineffective strategies.

Gain valuable insights into your audience and optimize campaigns for ultimate success.

2. Target the Perfect Audience: Reach High-Value Leads

Attract the right customers with laser precision. Advanced targeting lets you hone in on demographics, location, and even user devices.

Connect directly with your ideal audience – the ones most likely to convert into paying customers.

Maximize your ROAS by reaching qualified leads who are ready to buy.

3. Fine-Tune for Peak Performance: Monitor and Optimize

PPC isn't a one-time deal. Constant monitoring and optimization are key to maximizing your return on investment.

We offer advanced reporting and optimization tools for a hands-off approach to peak campaign performance.

Keep scrolling to discover how our expertise can elevate your digital advertising strategy.

Time To Level Up Your Sales

Our long list of services help you make waves in your industry and increase metrics that matter most - like sales.

In the past 5 Years, we’ve managed over 9 million transactions across our client base.

Unlock Peak Performance: Our Enterprise PPC Management Approach

Uptle takes a data-driven approach to enterprise PPC, harnessing the power of AI and experienced strategists to deliver exceptional results.

Get an entire team of paid advertising experts in your corner. From search and display campaigns to Google, Bing, and beyond, our specialists cover every aspect of PPC. Expert advice is always just a click or call away.

Uptle clients gain exclusive access to MarketingCloud, our proprietary lead and conversion tracking software.

MarketingCloud provides easy campaign monitoring with actionable insights to maximize your paid advertising budget.

Ditch the robot management. MarketingCloud leverages cutting-edge AI powered by IBM Watson to analyze billions of data points and deliver strategic recommendations. Here's what it empowers you to do:

  • Stay ahead of the curve with AI-powered trend forecasting.
  • Seamlessly integrate lead management with tools like Salesforce and Nutshell.
  • Monitor lead intelligence anytime, anywhere with our mobile app.

Uptle's winning formula combines industry-leading expertise with exclusive AI data, driving unmatched PPC performance for your business.

Boost Your SMB's PPC Performance - Free PPC Audit Inside!
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Unleash the Power of Enterprise PPC with Uptle

Stop searching for hidden fees! Uptle offers upfront pricing and clear deliverables for all our enterprise PPC plans. We believe in client transparency, so you know exactly what you're getting when you invest in our growth-driven PPC services.

Here's a glimpse of what you can expect with our custom-tailored enterprise PPC plans. For a complete breakdown, visit our pricing table above.

Dominate Search Results with Powerful Search Ads

Put your business at the top of search results when potential customers search for relevant keywords. Paid search ads are your key to securing those coveted top spots.

Get seen above organic search results with search ads displayed prominently on search engines like Google and Bing.

Boost your credibility and attract more clicks, website visits, and conversions with high search rankings through effective search ad campaigns.

The best part? You only pay when someone clicks on your ad. This ensures you maximize your budget and avoid spending on uninterested viewers.

Focus your advertising efforts on those genuinely interested in your products or services, eliminating wasted spend and maximizing return on investment.

Display Advertising: Reach Beyond Search

Forget just search results. Uptle's enterprise PPC plans unlock the power of display advertising on Bing and Google's Display Network.

Imagine placing your ads across millions of websites, videos, and apps – that's the kind of reach display advertising offers.

The Google Display Network alone covers a whopping 90% of internet users! Target specific audiences, interests, and locations to find your ideal customers.

Uptle's display advertising expertise helps you reach and convert high-value customers across the web. We manage ad creation and placement, maximizing your PPC budget for optimal results.

Retarget Website Visitors and Drive Sales

Reclaim lost sales opportunities! Reach website visitors who haven't converted yet with targeted ads.

Remarketing skyrockets conversions: Studies show a 70% increase in conversion rates for retargeted audiences.

Effortless Retargeting: Our enterprise PPC plans seamlessly integrate remarketing campaigns.

Enhance customer retention: Utilize our website development service to re-engage visitors with personalized reminders of the products they browsed or the items left in their abandoned carts.

Close More Deals: Retargeting drives website visitors back to your site for that crucial final purchase. It's included in our enterprise PPC plans!

Supercharge Sales with Shopping Ads

Drive traffic and conversions with expertly crafted shopping ads included in our enterprise plans.

Reach high-intent shoppers across search engines like Google and Bing. Showcase your products with captivating visuals, detailed descriptions, and enticing calls to action. It's the perfect recipe for boosting website visits and in-store footfall.

Stand out from the crowd with product titles, prices, and your store name – all conveniently displayed within the ad. Shopping ads are your gateway to attracting qualified leads and turning them into loyal fans.

Laser-Targeted Media Buys: Reach Your Ideal Audience

Imagine reaching your target audience exactly where they spend their time online.

Uptle's enterprise PPC plans unlock the power of specialized media buys. Increase brand awareness and connect with the customers who matter most. This strategic approach fosters high-quality leads, ultimately converting them into lifelong brand advocates.

Don't settle for generic marketing. With specialized media buys, you can nurture valuable leads and cultivate a community of loyal customers.

Powerful PPC Ads & Landing Pages That Convert

We don't just manage your ad spend, we craft high-performing PPC ads too.

Beyond your bid, ad quality score significantly impacts placement, especially on search engines like Google.

To rank high, you need a great quality score. This score depends on factors like:

  • Click-through rate (CTR)
  • Past campaign performance
  • Ad relevance and quality

Compelling ad creatives and landing pages are crucial for boosting clicks, conversions, and maintaining ad relevance.

Uptle designs PPC ads and landing pages focused on conversions. Partner with us for ads that drive real results for your enterprise.

Skyrocket Conversions with Video Advertising

Boost conversions by up to 80%! Video ads combined with paid advertising create a dynamic duo for driving sales.

Get started with video advertising today! Our enterprise plans handle everything, from ad creation to placement across top platforms like Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter.

Stand out online and turn viewers into leads! Custom video ads from Uptle capture attention and drive conversions.

Target Audiences with Precision: Uptle's Geofencing

Reach the right people, at the right time! Geofencing lets you target specific locations with pinpoint accuracy.

Imagine showing ads to potential customers visiting industry events, competitor locations, or even your own store! Geofencing makes it possible using advanced location technology.

Attract local customers and drive in-store visits or website traffic with targeted geofencing campaigns.

Discover more reasons why Uptle is the #1 choice for enterprise PPC.

Uptle: The Standout Choice for Paid Ad Management

Why Choose Uptle for Paid Advertising?

Discover What Sets Us Apart.

Experienced PPC Experts at Your Service

Our 200+ PPC specialists boast extensive experience managing online ad spend for large companies like yours.

We leverage exclusive research and insights to maximize your paid ad budgets and conversions. From search and display to remarketing and shopping ads, our PPC team is your one-stop shop for paid advertising expertise.

We're always just a click or call away – ready to answer your questions and support your success.

Unlock Exclusive AI Software for Powerful Results

Uptle goes beyond a world-class team. Our clients gain access to MarketingCloud, our proprietary AI software powered by IBM Watson.

MarketingCloud's data insights help your enterprise boost return on ad spend (ROAS) while attracting and converting valuable leads.

Enjoy a seamless PPC experience with MarketingCloud. It integrates with platforms like Salesforce, Marketo, Shopify, Amazon Seller Central, Facebook Custom Audiences, and more. And it's free for Uptle clients.

We're a Google Premier Partner: Expertise You Can Trust

Here's why Uptle stands out: We're a Google Premier Partner. This means:

  • Our PPC specialists are Google Ads certified, ensuring top-tier campaign management.
  • We consistently exceed Google's performance requirements, maximizing ad revenue and growth for our clients.
  • We manage accounts exceeding a minimum ad spend, demonstrating our commitment and expertise.

Want to learn more? Keep reading to explore our enterprise PPC plans and discover the Uptle partnership advantage.

Your Success is Our Obsession

Uptle's powerhouse combination: seasoned PPC experts, cutting-edge research, and AI-powered data analysis unlocks exceptional results for our clients. We're laser-focused on your success, and it shows.

In just five years, Uptle has rocketed client revenue to a staggering ฿1.5 billion. We're eager to unleash that same power for your enterprise.

But don't just take our word for it. Dive into our library of 550+ testimonials and see how we've fueled business growth for countless clients.

93% of customers are extremely satisfied with our results.
Uptle has consistently driven more customers to my business year over year. It continues to climb. I'm very happy!

Unlock Maximum ROAS: Your Custom Paid Search Strategy Awaits

Struggling to reach your business goals with paid search? Uptle's enterprise PPC services can help!

Get a Free Consultation Speak with a paid search expert today and discover how we can craft a custom strategy to supercharge your results.


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