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Boost Your Sales: Explore Shopee & Lazada Store Services

Go Big, Go Fast: Aggressive Plan
Shopee & Lazada Ads Management Included
  • Up to 20 Products Listed on Shopee & Lazada
  • Create & Optimize Your Shopee & Lazada Stores
  • Know Your Competition: Competitor Analysis
  • Compelling Product Descriptions (Copywriting)
Dominate the Market: Leader Plan
Shopee & Lazada Ads Management Included
  • Up to 50 Products Listed on Shopee & Lazada
  • Stand Out: Brand Registry Support
  • Build Trust: Review Response Framework Development
  • Win More Sales: Shopee & Lazada Buy Box Optimization
Be the Trendsetter: Trailblazer Plan
Shopee & Lazada Ads Management Included
  • Up to 100 Products Listed on Shopee & Lazada
  • Stand Out From the Crowd: Custom Shopee & Lazada Store Design
  • Boost Conversions: A+ Content Recommendations
  • Master the Game: Shopee & Lazada Fee Structure Training Guide

Sell More on Southeast Asia's Top Marketplaces: Launch & Optimize Your Shopee & Lazada Stores

Shopee and Lazada dominate Southeast Asian ecommerce, capturing over 40% of online sales. Today's shoppers start their search on these platforms, making a presence there essential for businesses. Uptle helps you establish or optimize your Shopee and Lazada stores to win on these massive marketplaces.

New to Shopee and Lazada or looking to boost your existing store? Uptle's experts guide you to achieve your goals on Southeast Asia's leading ecommerce platforms.

Effortless Shopee & Lazada Launch: Packages & Pricing

Uptle takes the hassle out of launching your brand on Shopee & Lazada. We boast a 90%+ client retention rate, proving our expertise in store setup, management, and marketing (SEO & PPC).

Explore our tiered packages packed with features to elevate your online presence.

Simplify Your Launch table.head.header2 table.head.header3 table.head.header4 table.head.header5

Effortless Product Listing (Shopee & Lazada)

Up to 20 Products

Up to 50 Products

Up to 100 Products

100+ Products

Expert Category & Subcategory Selection

Store Creation & Optimization for Maximum Visibility

Best Practices Guide for Continued Success

Shopee & Lazada Fee Structure Made Easy

Review Response Framework to Build Trust

Compelling Product Descriptions (1 Page/Product)

In-depth Competitor Analysis for Informed Strategy

Shopee & Lazada Buy Box Optimization for Increased Sales

Branded Store Design (For Registered Brands)

Brand Registry Support (Streamlined Process)

Enhanced Brand Content Recommendations (Additional Fee)

A+ Content Suggestions for Vendors (Additional Fee)

Ongoing PPC Management (Required with Launch Package)

Start at ฿1,000

฿1,250/mo. or 14% of Ad Spend (whichever is higher)

฿2,250/mo. or 12% of Ad Spend (whichever is higher)

฿6,000/mo. or 10% of Ad Spend (whichever is higher)

Dedicated Ad Spend Budget (Required with Launch Package)

Up to ฿5,000

฿5,001 - ฿15,000

฿5,001 - ฿15,000


One-Time Setup (Completed Within 2 Months)




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Boost Your Sales on Shopee & Lazada: Unveiling Our Store Launch & Management Services

With Uptle's expert handling of Shopee Lazada SEO, your online store will experience a significant boost in visibility and sales. Let us optimize your product listings and enhance your online presence, ensuring your success in the competitive e-commerce landscape.

Here's a glimpse of what you get with our Shopee & Lazada store management services:

Create a Winning Shopee & Lazada Store

Our expert team specializes in creating tailored Shopee and Lazada marketplace marketing strategies, ensuring your brand and products shine on these premier platforms. With our user-friendly design approach, your storefront will be primed for success, capturing the attention of potential customers effortlessly.

Optimize Your Existing Shopee & Lazada Store

Whether you're a seasoned Shopee & Lazada seller or just getting started, our team will meticulously audit and optimize your store to maximize sales and brand awareness. Optimizations may include a complete redesign or a strategic refresh of your product displays.

We'll significantly boost your Shopee & Lazada store's visibility and product ranking through strategic listing optimization. We'll also add new products (if you're new) and craft compelling descriptions to grab shopper attention. Plus, we'll ensure your products are categorized correctly for easy discovery.

Dominate the Competition with In-Depth Analysis

Before initiating the Shopee Lazada marketplace launch, our specialized marketing team will thoroughly examine your competitors' landscape to devise a winning strategy, positioning you as a leading contender.

Ready to launch (or relaunch) your Shopee & Lazada store and take your sales to new heights? Contact us online to discuss your business and product line. Or, speak directly with one of our experienced strategists and get a custom quote by calling us at 888-601-5359!

Boost Your Shopee & Lazada Sales: Partner with Uptle Experts

20+ Years of Proven Results: Increase your revenue with our award-winning Shopee & Lazada account management strategies.

Why Uptle is the #1 Choice for Shopee & Lazada Success

Your Dedicated Shopee & Lazada Marketing Guru

Our team of 225+ specialists has over 1.6 million hours of expertise. Unlike others, your assigned pro gets to know your business & goals to create personalized strategies that drive results.

Unbeatable Client Satisfaction & Retention

Uptle outperforms the industry with a 488% higher client recommendation score and a near 95% retention rate. We're obsessed with your success.

Unlock Sales with Advanced Machine Learning

As a leading performance agency, we develop innovative software like Shopee, Lazada & ContentGenius. This tech uses machine learning to discover high-performing keywords & data-driven recommendations that skyrocket your sales.

Decades of Shopee & Lazada Expertise

Our 20+ years of experience showcase our commitment to mastering the latest Shopee & Lazada strategies. We'll help you build, manage, and optimize your store for ultimate success.

Data-Driven Strategies, Not Guesses

We leverage 20+ years of data & ContentGenius to deliver unmatched, data-driven Shopee & Lazada management strategies. Get results other agencies can't deliver.

Time To Level Up Your Sales

Our long list of services help you make waves in your industry and increase metrics that matter most - like sales.

In the past 5 Years, we’ve managed over 9 million transactions across our client base.

Boost Sales and Brand with Shopee & Lazada Stores!

Unleash the Power of Southeast Asia's E-commerce Giants: Consider Shopee & Lazada for Your Business!

Here's Why Businesses Choose Our Shopee & Lazada Store Management Services:

Skyrocket Shopee & Lazada Sales

Dominate the Market: Reach Millions on Shopee & Lazada!

Build Trust & Credibility: Showcase Your Brand on Renowned Platforms

Cultivate Loyal Customers

Your Brand's Home on Shopee & Lazada: A Dedicated Space to Connect

Drive Social Media Engagement & Brand Advocacy

Go Beyond Selling: Foster Relationships with Valuable Content

Create Immersive Shopping Experiences

Boost your revenue with strategic B2B marketplace sales initiatives, leveraging platforms such as Shopee and Lazada to expand your business's market presence.

Boost Sales & Brand Awareness: Attract New Customers & Keep Them Coming Back

Tailored Product Promotions

Utilize the Shopee Lazada marketplace strategy to highlight your best sellers and drive sales through targeted promotions.

Personalized Shopping Experiences: Tailored Product Recommendations with Shopee and Lazada Advertising

Unify Your Digital Marketing Efforts

Shopee & Lazada Stores: The Powerhouse for Your Marketing Strategy

Content Marketing & Social Media: A Winning Combination

We Help You Integrate Everything: Maximize Your Online Presence

93% of customers are extremely satisfied with our results.
Uptle has consistently driven more customers to my business year over year. It continues to climb. I'm very happy!

Boost Your Sales on Shopee & Lazada with Uptle's Expertise

With Uptle's comprehensive Shopee and Lazada platform services, ecommerce businesses have generated over ฿1 billion in revenue, propelling their growth to new heights.

Get started with Shopee & Lazada success - contact us today! Or, chat with our experienced strategists for a free, personalized quote: 888-601-5359.


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