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In-House Agencies on the Rise: Study Shows Increased Adoption by Brands

  • ANA Study Reveals: In-House Agencies Soar to 78% Adoption Rate in 2018 (Up from 58% in 2013 and 42% in 2008)
  • Top Reasons Brands are Turning to In-House Agencies:
Cost Savings
Deeper Brand Understanding
Institutional Knowledge Advantage
Dedicated Teams
Faster Turnaround and Agility

In-House vs. Agency: Take Control of Your Marketing

Own Your Data, Drive Results: In-House
Full Control, Full Visibility: Platform & Data Ownership

Access all your media data and reporting for smarter decisions.

Direct Savings: Cut Out the Middleman

Buy media directly and avoid agency markups.

Your Team, Your Way: Dedicated Resources

Build your dream team with specialists you choose.

Your Process, Your Success: Own Your Media Management

Craft and control your media strategy for optimal results.

Agency Limitations: Take Back Control
Limited Access, Limited Insights: Agency-Managed Data

Reliance on agency systems and reports hinders visibility.

Less Control, Less Agility: Pre-Set Optimizations

Agency schedules limit your ability to react to market changes.

Shared Resources, Uncertain Expertise: Agency Team Assignments

Consider exploring marketing agency alternatives to ensure you work with your ideal team, rather than settling for whoever the agency assigns.

Black Box Reporting, Reduced Transparency: Reliance on Agency Processes

Limited visibility into agency work hinders effective oversight.

Tailored Solutions: Choose the Right Approach for Your Needs

Data & Platforms First: Build a Unified View
This recommended approach prioritizes data ownership. Build reports within a platform that seamlessly integrates your data, providing a holistic view of the customer journey.
  • Migrate to New Platforms
  • Consolidate & Analyze Your Data
All-In: Centralized Control (Ideal for Smaller Businesses)

Transition all agency tasks in-house across all departments and locations.

This approach is best suited for smaller companies or those with significant departmental separation.

Take Control, Step by Step: Transition Your Marketing In-House
Move away from agencies at your own pace, by business unit or geography.
Channel Champions: Build Specialized Teams for Each Platform
Empower dedicated teams to own specific channels like Paid Social or Paid Search.
  • Own Your Social Buzz: Manage Paid Social on Facebook, Twitter, and More
  • Guaranteed Impact: Secure Display Sponsorships and Premium Inventory
  • Programmatic Powerhouse: Take Control of Display Programmatic Buying
  • Drive Conversions: Conquer Paid Search with Adwords, Bing Ads, and more
  • Shopping Success: Manage Feeds for Top Marketplaces (Amazon, Google, OTAs)

Take Control: Own Your Ad Platforms & Data

Unlock Powerful Insights & Reporting
Addressing the complexities of ecommerce and Marketing Technology, we specialize in solving problems unique to each company's data landscape. By empowering you to take ownership of your platforms, we provide comprehensive access to media data and enable precise control over reporting, facilitating deeper insights to optimize your campaigns.
  • Platform Audit & Ecosystem Mapping: We assess your current platforms and measurement setup, then create a clear roadmap for optimization.
  • Identify Gaps & Build a Strategy: Our gap analysis helps us recommend the best platforms and strategies to maximize your reach.
  • Expert Vendor Negotiation: We handle conversations with vendors, ensuring you get the best rates, terms, and data access. Legal, procurement, and finance support included.
  • Minimizing the cost of in-house marketing, we provide seamless transition and pixel management services, assisting you in migrating systems from agencies to in-house or establishing new instances, while also crafting a detailed pixel transition plan for effortless tracking.

Effortless Marketing: Automate & Orchestrate for Growth

Unleash the Power of Unified Marketing Channels


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