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Supercharge Your Social Media Presence

Two Networks
Boost Your Reach (฿200 - ฿400 Ad Spend)
  • 30 Social Posts Monthly
  • 4 Boosted Posts
  • 8 Custom Images/Month
  • Mon, Wed, Fri Boosted Post Monitoring
Three Networks
Expand Your Reach (฿300 - ฿600 Ad Spend)
  • 45 Social Posts Monthly
  • 10 Custom Images/Month
  • 6 Boosted Posts
  • Daily Boosted Post Monitoring
Four Networks
Maximize Engagement (฿400 - ฿800 Ad Spend)
  • 60 Social Posts
  • 8 Boosted Posts
  • One Contest Annually
  • Daily Boosted Post Monitoring

Social Media Marketing: The Secret Weapon to Drive Results

Did you know 75% of people use social media to decide what to buy? That's why businesses in B2C and B2B invest in social media marketing. It's a game-changer!

Uptle is your trusted partner for social media success. With a recommendation score 488% above average, we'll help you build brand awareness, loyal customers, and boost revenue.

Uptle Pricing: Social Media Management Made Easy

One-size-fits-all doesn't fly on social media. We offer custom plans to manage your presence on any platform, from 1 to 5+. Our award-winning strategists will craft a plan perfect for your business.

See what's included and how our pricing works below:

Standard Reporting & Consultation (Monthly)

Feature 1 Platform 2 Platforms 3 Platforms 4 Platforms 5+ Platforms

Monthly Posts

Up to 15

Up to 30

Up to 45

Up to 60

Up to 75

Custom Images per Month






Boosted Posts

Up to 2

Up to 4

Up to 6

Up to 8

Up to 10

Custom Contests per Year






Social Media Strategy

Competitor Analysis

Brand Reputation Analysis

Social Media Audit & Recommendations

Dedicated Account Manager

Daily Monitoring

Boosted Post Comment Monitoring


Mon, Wed, Fri




48-Hour Response Time

Up to 1 Consultation per Month

Uptle Content Calendar & Publishing Tools

Uptle Social Media Contest Tools

Standard Monthly Reports

MarketingCloud Access

Network Setup & Optimization

Cover & Profile Photo Design

200+ Satisfied Businesses

Ongoing Monthly Investment






Required Boosted Post Ad Spend






Enhanced Consulting & Reporting (Weekly)

Scale Your Social Media with Ease Manage 1 Social Network Double Your Reach: 2 Networks Triple Your Reach: 3 Networks Dominate 4 Social Networks Go All-In: Manage 5 Networks

Monthly Posts

Up to 15 Posts

Up to 30 Posts

Up to 45 Posts

Up to 60 Posts

Up to 75 Posts

Custom Images per Month






Boosted Posts Included

Up to 2 Images

Up to 4 Images

Up to 6 Images

Up to 8 Images

Up to 10 Images

Custom Contests per Year






Social Media Strategy

Competitive Analysis

Brand Reputation Analysis

Social Media Audit + Recommendations

Dedicated Account Manager

Daily Monitoring (Included Assets)

Boosted Post Comment Monitoring

Starting at ฿125/month

Mon, Wed, Fri Monitoring

Daily Social Media Monitoring

Daily Social Media Monitoring

Daily Social Media Monitoring

48-Hour Customer Response

Weekly Call & Campaign Updates

Standard Weekly Reports & Analysis

Uptle Content Publishing Tools

Uptle Social Media Contest Tools

Standard Monthly Reports

MarketingCloud Access

Network Setup & Optimization

Cover & Profile Photo Design

Trusted by 200+ Businesses

Ongoing Monthly Investment

Just ฿2,100

Just ฿2,500

Just ฿2,800

Just ฿3,300

Just ฿3,300

Separate Boosted Post Ad Spend

Ad Spend: ฿100 - ฿200

Ad Spend: ฿200 - ฿400

Ad Spend: ฿300 - ฿600

Ad Spend: ฿400 - ฿800

Ad Spend: ฿500 - ฿1000

Boost Your Content Marketing with Powerful Social Media Management

Get comprehensive social media management that goes beyond organic content and basic customer service. Our plans include targeted advertising to amplify your results and reach a wider audience. Focus on creating great content, while we handle the rest – from boosted posts to ad spend optimization. Learn more about our full social media advertising campaigns today!

Dominate Social Media with Uptle's All-in-One Services

Stop piecing together your social media strategy. Uptle's full-service approach provides everything you need to succeed.

  • Eye-Catching Social Posts
  • Custom-Designed Images
  • Stand-Out Cover & Profile Photos
  • Optimized Social Media Profiles
  • In-Depth Social Media Audit
  • Brand Reputation Tracking
  • Powerful Ad Management
  • Know Your Competitors Inside Out
  • Data-Driven Social Strategy
  • Dedicated Social Media Manager
  • 24/7 Social Media Monitoring
  • Regular Consultations
  • Clear and Actionable Reports
  • Advanced Marketing Tools
  • Plus, Additional Services Available

From crafting captivating social media designs to stunning visuals and targeted ads, we craft a complete social media strategy that crushes the competition. Let's dive deeper!

Ready to take your social media to the next level?

Contact us now for a free consultation or call us at 888-601-5359!

Mid-Size Businesses Trust Uptle

Uptle has helped us expand our digital footprint not only in Central PA and the mid-Atlantic, but also throughout the Continental U.S.
All Pro Trailer Superstore

Unleash Your Brand on Social Media: Top Platforms to Consider

Launch a winning social media campaign with our expert guidance. We specialize in these powerful platforms:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Pinterest
  • Instagram
  • LinkedIn

Why these 5 platforms? We focus on the most impactful choices for reaching your target audience. While trendy platforms exist, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and LinkedIn consistently deliver exceptional value.

Our social media gurus delve deep into your industry, audience, and goals. This ensures a perfectly tailored strategy for your success.

Imagine a dentist prioritizing Facebook and Instagram to showcase patient transformations. Meanwhile, a hiring firm might leverage LinkedIn and Twitter for targeted recruiting.

Regardless of your niche, we create a social media roadmap built specifically for you.

Mid-Size Businesses Trust Uptle
Their focus on ROI and their innate ability to communicate this information in a way that I understand has been the missing link with other digital marketing firms that I have used in the past.
Leah Pickard. ABWE

Unlock Social Media Success: Our Proven 4-Step Process

Tired of managing social media yourself? Uptle's award-winning service takes the hassle out. See how our process works and why over 90% of clients stick with us.

Here's a breakdown of our 4-step social media management process:

  • Meet Your Dedicated Social Media Manager
  • Get a Deep Dive Analysis of Your Social Media Presence
  • Craft a Personalized, Data-Driven Strategy
  • Achieve Measurable Results You Can See

Dive deeper to see what each step of our social media management process entails.

Unleash Social Media Success: Meet Your Dedicated Account Manager

Stop micromanaging social media! Uptle assigns you a dedicated pro to manage every aspect of your campaign, from captivating content to eye-catching visuals.

These social media strategists become an extension of your team. They research your online presence, competition, and past performance to craft winning strategies. This data-driven approach has generated over ฿1.5 billion in revenue for our clients in just five years!

(Removed duplicate sentence)

But it's more than just data. Your dedicated account manager gets to know YOU. They learn your communication style, preferences, and even your team. Unlike other agencies, we prioritize personalized service.

This hands-on approach makes all the difference, especially for small business social media marketing. Feel empowered to ask questions, big or small, about your strategy or social media goals. Your social media expert is always a call away.

Unlock Powerful Insights: Deep Dive into Your Social Media Presence

Our dedicated social media experts will kick off your campaign by collaborating with your team. Through an in-depth analysis, they'll assess your competitors, brand history, and other key factors.

This comprehensive analysis equips your social media specialist with the knowledge needed to craft a winning strategy. It uncovers both potential challenges and exciting opportunities to propel your brand forward.

Imagine gaining insights into your competitor's social media performance or discovering the positive buzz surrounding your brand online. This valuable information is all revealed during the analysis, shared directly with your team.

Empowered by these insights, your account manager will collaborate with you to build a data-driven social media strategy for success.

Unlock Your Dream Social Media Strategy (Data-Driven & Custom-Built)

Imagine a social media strategy crafted just for you, fueled by research and your team's insights. Our dedicated manager builds a winning plan for the short and long term, aligned with your goals.

Get the unfair advantage: Uptle's exclusive data, analyzing billions of past campaigns, informs your strategy. This powerhouse information is unavailable anywhere else.

Leave outdated marketing behind. Unlike most agencies, Uptle utilizes MarketingCloud and boasts over 20 years of experience. This translates to unmatched results for your business.

Experience the Uptle difference. We don't just manage social media, we deliver superior results with data-driven strategies.

Collaboration is key. Your dedicated specialist presents the enterprise social media marketing plan for your team's review and feedback. We work as an extension of your marketing team, ensuring everyone understands the strategy and its impact.

Watch Your Business Grow: Real, Measurable Results

Get started quickly - Once you approve your strategy, your dedicated social media expert crafts your monthly content, including custom posts, images, and ads. Our user-friendly tools make reviewing and approving your content a breeze.

Data-driven insights at your fingertips - Track the performance of your posts, ads, and more. Your dedicated manager is always available to answer your questions within 48 business hours.

See the impact - Within the first month, you'll start noticing a difference. Expect more social media orders, increased brand awareness, and a boost in engagement.

That's the Uptle difference: empowering businesses to thrive with seamless review management.

We deliver real, measurable results that fuel your business growth.

Imagine achieving ambitious goals - Expand your reach, grow your team, or launch new products – Uptle's social media marketing strategies can help you get there.

Don't underestimate the power of social media - We've helped our clients achieve billions in revenue, millions of leads, and more.

Your success story starts with Uptle.

Get a customized, data-driven strategy and an experienced social media expert to manage your campaign. They'll continually optimize your strategy to ensure maximum results.

Ready to see real growth? Contact us today and discover what Uptle's social media marketing can do for your business.

  • Good agencies have more than 50 testimonials.
  • Great agencies have more than 100 testimonials.
  • Uptle has over 500+ glowing client testimonials.

Supercharge Your Social Media Presence

Grow your brand, audience, and sales with our powerful social media services.

Unique & Engaging Social Posts

Stand out with fresh, on-brand content (15-75 posts/month) created by dedicated specialists. Your approval guaranteed.

Eye-Catching Custom Images

Grab attention on any platform with custom visuals (6-14 images/month) designed by our award-winning team.

Pro Cover & Profile Photos

Boost brand awareness and trust with professional cover and profile photo design. We optimize existing photos too.

Optimized Social Accounts

Launch your strategy on the right foot. We'll create and set up your social media accounts (if needed) for optimal performance.

Winning Social Strategy

Get a data-driven social media strategy built on a comprehensive audit of your past performance and competitor analysis.

Protect Your Reputation

We monitor social media for negative mentions and develop strategies to build a trusted online presence.

Targeted Social Media Ads

Amplify your reach with up to 6 boosted posts. We create custom ad campaigns based on your goals and audience research.

Dominate the Competition

Gain an edge with in-depth competitor analysis, uncovering their weaknesses and opportunities for your brand.

Data-Driven Social Strategy

Our experts leverage advanced AI and machine learning to develop a customized strategy that delivers results.

Your Dedicated Social Media Manager

Partner with a social media specialist who becomes an extension of your marketing team, maximizing your social media success.

24/7 Social Media Monitoring

Have peace of mind knowing your social media accounts are constantly monitored for performance and engagement.

Monthly Performance Reviews

Fine-tune your strategy with regular consultations. We discuss performance, optimizations, and maximizing your ROI.

Crystal-Clear Reporting

Get transparent monthly reports that detail your social media progress. We make data accessible and easy to understand.

Cutting-Edge Marketing Technology

Leverage MarketingCloud, featuring AI and machine learning, to create data-driven social campaigns with industry-specific insights.

Scalable Social Media Solutions

Unlock additional services like social media contests as your strategy grows. We offer options for businesses of all sizes.

We Form Longterm Partnerships
Over 90% of Uptle clients continue partnering with us into year 2 of their campaign.

Social Media Management: The Secret Weapon Your Campaigns Need

Struggling with social media marketing? Partnering with a management agency unlocks a powerhouse of benefits to elevate your campaigns and fuel success.

Boost Your Brand: 5 Reasons to Hire a Social Media Management Agency

  • Tap into Expert Social Media Strategy
  • Free Up Your Team for Core Business
  • Unlock Powerful Marketing Tools
  • Take Control of Your Time
  • Maximize Your Social Media Return on Investment

Discover the many benefits businesses gain by partnering with a social media agency:

Tap into Expert Social Media Management

Partner with a corporate social media marketing pro and gain immediate access to industry veterans. Uptle, for example, boasts a team of top corporate social media specialists who can help you develop and execute a winning strategy that aligns with your business goals.

We go beyond social. Dedicated design, copywriting, and development teams ensure you have everything you need for success. From engaging content to eye-catching visuals, we create it all in-house.

Managing social media internally requires learning the ropes of each platform, researching best practices, and developing winning strategies - a time-consuming process.

Skip the trial and error. Partner with a social media management provider like Uptle and access industry expertise from day one.

Frustrated decision-makers? Slow results can lead to budget cuts. Invest in professional social media advertising services and showcase the power of social media quickly.

Get results faster and avoid wasted resources. A professionally managed campaign delivers value from the start.

Boost In-House Efficiency with Smart Social Media Solutions

Budget-conscious business social media marketing? Uptle can help. Uptle, a leading social media management provider, helps businesses of all sizes get the most out of their business social media marketing investment. With our affordable pricing and powerful tools, you can create and manage engaging content, track your results, and grow your audience without breaking the bank.

Building and managing a social media strategy in-house can be expensive and time-consuming. Your team gets bogged down monitoring performance and creating content for next month, leaving little time for anything else.

Partner with a social media expert - it's the smarter (and easier) way to go.

Uptle takes the hassle out of social media. We create a custom strategy, handle production, launch, and optimization, freeing your team to focus on what they do best.

Unlock Powerful Marketing Software (Without Breaking the Bank)

Marketing automation software can be a costly investment for non-marketing companies. But in today's digital world, it's crucial for online success.

That's why partnering with a full-service digital marketing agency like Uptle is a smart move. We offer complete access to MarketingCloud, our proprietary software that tracks your online performance and guides your campaigns.

MarketingCloud analyzes vast amounts of data, providing actionable (and industry-specific) recommendations for your social media marketing.

Powered by IBM Watson, a leading AI and machine learning platform, MarketingCloud delivers in-depth insights and industry-tailored strategies for your social media campaigns.

Developing this kind of technology would be a massive financial burden for most businesses. Uptle, for example, has invested over ฿2 million in R&D to create MarketingCloud.

By partnering with Uptle, you gain instant access to this advanced technology, without the hefty price tag.

Free Up Your Time: Why Partnering With a Social Media Agency Makes Sense

Struggling to manage social media in-house? You're not alone. Building a dedicated team can be expensive and time-consuming. That's why most marketing teams leverage social media agencies.

Partnering with a social media agency gives you access to experts not just in social media marketing, but also in specific platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, or Twitter. You'll also free up your team's valuable time to focus on other priorities.

It's a win-win for busy marketers: expert social media management and more time for your team.

Supercharge Your Social Media ROI: See Results, Not Regrets

Investing in social media marketing should fuel your brand, not drain your resources. But achieving stellar results can be tricky without the right expertise.

That's where a social media powerhouse like us comes in.

Ready to unlock real growth? Partner with an agency that prioritizes client success, just like Uptle.

We equip you with the tools, strategy, and expertise to launch company social media marketing campaigns that hit your company's goals. Plus, you save valuable time and resources for your internal team.

Don't settle for empty promises. Choose a partner obsessed with your success, like Uptle. We measure our achievements by the results we deliver for you.

Ready to see how we turn social media into a profit machine? Explore our client portfolio and success stories.

Unlock the Secrets: What Affects Your Social Media Marketing Costs?

Confused about social media marketing prices? This video breaks down what factors impact costs, helping you build a budget that fits your business goals!

Dive deeper: Explore our social media pricing breakdown for a comprehensive understanding click.

Our digital marketing campaigns impact the metrics that matter most!

Over the past 5 years, we’ve generated:

1.5 Billion

in client revenue

4.6 Million +

leads for our clients

1.8 Million

client phone calls

Dominate Social Media: 5 Reasons to Invest in Pro Services

Struggling to convince the boss of social media's power? Look no further! We've got the top reasons why social media deserves a bigger budget – and how it can supercharge your marketing strategy.

1. Engage Where Your Audience Lives

Imagine reaching billions! With 3.48 billion daily social media users, Facebook alone boasting over a billion, it's clear: social media is a game-changer. Don't miss out – connect with your target market on their turf.

2. Build Brand Recognition That Sells

Social media is your brand awareness powerhouse. Targeted ads and engaging content build relationships with new and existing followers, ultimately driving sales.

3. Turn Fans into Loyal Customers

Did you know over 50% of US social media users are loyal to brands they follow? An active social presence fosters interaction and boosts customer loyalty – a win-win!

4. Drive Repeat Business & Buzz

Social media fuels repeat purchases! Showcase new products, limited-time offers, and more to keep customers coming back for more. Plus, happy customers can become brand advocates, sharing your story organically.

5. Generate Leads & Close B2B Deals

Social media isn't just for B2C! Over 40% of B2B marketers secured clients through Facebook alone. Don't underestimate the power of social media to connect with businesses – it's a goldmine waiting to be tapped!

Boost Your Social Media Presence with Uptle

90% Client Retention: Trusted Social Media Marketing for Businesses

Grow Your Brand & Drive Results. Get Started Now: Contact Us Call 888-601-5359


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