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Unlock Your JD Sales Potential: Explore Our Service Plans

Launch Plan: Get Started Fast & Easy
This Month
Just ฿3,750 Upfront Investment
  • Showcase Up to 20 Products
  • Expert Category & Subcategory Recommendations
  • Build Your Optimized Product Feed
Dominate the Market: Maximize Your JD Sales
14% Fee Reduction
Boost Your Sales with JD Ads - Starting at Only
Invest ฿8,000 Upfront & Get 14% Fee Reduction
  • Sell Up to 50 Products
  • Compelling Product Descriptions Written for You
  • JD Optimization Training Guide Included
Be a Sales Trailblazer: Unlock Advanced Features
12% Fee Reduction
Boost Your Sales with JD Ads - Starting at Only
Invest ฿15,000 Upfront & Get 12% Fee Reduction
  • Sell Up to 100 Products
  • Master Shipping with Best Practices Guide
  • Gain Valuable Product Search Volume Insights

Reach Millions: How JD Optimization Can Expand Your Audience

Since 2019, JD.com's innovative JD program has connected third-party sellers with their massive online audience.

Utilize our marketplace management software to seamlessly place your products in front of millions of potential customers by joining our program.

Enhance market share expansion by implementing effective multi-marketplace management strategies, leveraging JD.com as a prominent online platform.

JD Marketplace Management Made Easy

Dominate Scale Up Fast Become a JD Marketplace Leader Effortless Growth Enterprise-Grade Solutions

Become a JD Seller with our Easy Application

Effortless Product Listing on JD.com

Up to 20 Products

Up to 50 Products

Up to 100 Products

100+ Products

Expert Category & Subcategory Recommendations

Streamlined Product Content Feed Creation

Review Industry Best Practices Guide

Shipping Optimization Guide with Best Practices

Master JD Pricing Strategies with Training

In-depth Product Search Volume Analysis

Duplicate Listing Removal & Product Reclamation

Compelling Product Descriptions (1 Page/Product)

Competitor Analysis: Products & Pricing

Free Custom Dashboard with Ongoing Marketing Support (Powered by Google Data Studio)

Ongoing JD Account Management

Start at ฿1,000

฿1,250/mo. or 14% of Ad Spend (whichever is higher)

฿2,250/mo. or 12% of Ad Spend (whichever is higher)

฿6,000/mo. or 10% of Ad Spend (whichever is higher)

One-Time Setup (Completed Within 2 Months)





Unlock explosive growth on JD Marketplace

Utilizing Uptle's expertise in e-commerce marketplace management, our clients have experienced significant boosts in sales on platforms like JD.com. Reach out to us today to explore how we can elevate your brand to unprecedented success!

Dominate the next e-commerce frontier

E-commerce giants like Central, Shopee and Lazada, and Facebook Marketplace are thriving with opportunities. Uptle helps you reach this massive audience and achieve exponential sales growth.

Maximize your JD revenue potential

Our team specializes in online marketplace management, utilizing data-driven strategies to create effective JD campaigns aimed at maximizing revenue generation. We meticulously optimize every aspect, including product placement, pricing, and ad copy, to ensure that your investment yields the highest possible return.

Reach a massive, engaged audience with JD

JD.com is a powerhouse brand trusted by millions. Partner with Uptle to leverage their reach and propel your brand to the next level.

JD is a registered trademark of JD Brands, Inc.


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