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Get a Quote on Professional PPC Services

Unsure about Uptle PPC service costs? See our pricing plans or keep reading for a deeper dive into PPC costs.

Aggressive Growth
Only 15% commission
in Ad Spend
Start with ฿750 Upfront + Management Fee
  • Ideal for ฿0 - ฿12,000/month ad spend
  • Target up to 2,000 keywords
  • Google Ads & Bing Ads
  • Strategic bidding for maximum ROI
  • Track up to 100 web lead calls
  • Get transcriptions for 25 calls
Market Leader
Just 12% commission
in Ad Spend
Start with ฿700 Upfront + Management Fee
  • Perfect for ฿12,001 - ฿50,000+ monthly ad spend
  • Target up to 10,000 keywords
  • Google Ads, Bing Ads, PLUS Google Shopping
  • Get up to 2 personalized consultations
  • We'll monitor for fraudulent activity
  • Rule-based bidding keeps you in control
12% commission keeps costs predictable
in Ad Spend
Start with 1 Month's Management Fee
  • Ideal for ฿50,001+ monthly ad spend
  • Target up to 10,000 keywords
  • Landing page template setup included
  • MarketingCloud tracks every lead
  • Get professional banner ad design
  • Website conversion analysis reports

Uncover Your Google Ads Budget: How Much Does PPC Really Cost?

Ready to skyrocket your reach with a pay-per-click (PPC) campaign? But what about the cost? Google Ads throws out that 'one-size-fits-all' approach to PPC pricing models. It's completely customizable, so you control your budget and scale your spending as you see results.

Intrigued? Let's dive deeper into how Google Ads works and unlock the secrets to crafting a cost-effective PPC strategy using the best PPC management tools.

Start optimizing PPC campaigns and budget today!

Unlock Google Ads: Reach Ready-to-Buy Leads & Slash PPC Costs (Yes, Really!)

Turn Curious Browsers into Loyal Customers with Google Ads

Imagine targeting people actively searching for what you offer. Google Ads makes it possible! Choose keywords that trigger your ads, then set your PPC advertising costs max bid per click.

Effective PPC strategies include bidding competitively to secure top ad placements, but the real secret is creating high-quality ads that Google rewards with lower costs. This way, you can win prime spots without breaking the bank.

Industries like legal and rehab might see costs of ฿30-฿40 per click, while less competitive ones pay just pennies.

Stop wasting time! Reach qualified leads – people already interested in what you sell. Google Ads connects you with them, boosting sales and conversions.

There's a twist! Google considers your ad's quality (QS) alongside your bid. A high QS means your ad is relevant, gets clicks, and leads to a great landing page.

Think of it like this: Ad Rank = Max Bid x Quality Score. So, a ฿2 bid with a 10 QS gets a 20 Ad Rank, potentially winning the top spot.

The higher your Ad Rank, the better your ad placement. But guess what? A high QS can help you win top spots while spending less!

Here's how: Google uses a formula to determine your cost per click. It considers the Ad Rank below yours and your QS. A high QS lowers your cost!

The result? You could pay 40 cents less per click than your max bid – seriously!

Google Ads Cost: Unveiling the Mystery

Ready to dive deeper? Google Ads costs depend on several factors.

You control some things – your max bid and ad quality. But competitors' bids and ad quality are wild cards.

Industry and keyword competition also play a role. While some clicks cost cents, competitive fields like legal can reach hundreds per click.

On average, expect ฿1-฿2 per click on the Google Search Network. Small and medium businesses typically spend ฿9,000-฿10,000 monthly, translating to ฿108,000-฿120,000 annually.

The most competitive keywords? Insurance, finance, and legal. These industries spend a whopping ฿1.2 billion annually on PPC! Retail giants like Shopee and Lazada follow closely, investing over ฿50 million each year.

Want to see the most expensive Google keywords? Check out this blog post (link here).

Unlock the Mystery: Where Does Your Google Ads Budget Go?

Take Control, Maximize Results: A Guide to Google Ads Budgeting

It's your budget, it's your call! But before you unleash your ad campaigns, understanding how Google Ads spends your budget is key to getting the most bang for your buck.

Prioritize Your Campaigns: Google Ads lets you set daily budgets for each campaign. This way, you can focus more spend on campaigns promoting your top sellers or high-value services, compared to those targeting broad audiences.

Precision Targeting, Optimized Budget: Imagine needing 500 clicks a day at ฿0.50 per click. With Google Ads, you can set a daily budget of ฿250! Remember, you only pay what your bids allow, and your ad's quality can even lower your costs.

Show Up When It Counts: Control your ad schedule! Unlike a local restaurant open till 9 pm, your ads can run 24/7. But with Google Ads, you can choose peak hours or specific days to maximize your budget and reach the right audience.

Target Smarter, Spend Smarter: Reach the perfect audience with geo-targeting! Allocate more budget to areas with high customer concentration, ensuring your ads reach qualified leads, not just anyone.

Mobile Mania? Focus Your Budget: Mobile users are your golden goose? Google Ads lets you target them specifically! You can even go deeper and reach users based on their device type, maximizing your ad spend on the most valuable mobile traffic.

Supercharge Your PPC with Expert Google Ads Management

Tired of managing PPC yourself? Let our certified Google Ads specialists unlock the true potential of your campaigns. We've been refining our strategies for years, consistently delivering industry-leading results. Plus, with our transparent pricing, you'll always know exactly what to expect.

Our PPC experts are masters of campaign setup, optimization, and driving high-quality traffic. They'll ensure your Google Ads campaigns reach the right audience, maximizing click relevance and conversions.

Backed by Google Ads and Microsoft certifications, our team stays ahead of the curve. We combine cutting-edge tools with proven best practices to deliver winning PPC campaigns that generate real ROI. Partner with one of the top PPC companies in the industry and watch your business soar.

Unlock More Conversions: The Cost-Effective Power of PPC Retargeting

Did you know 96% of website visitors leave without buying? Reclaim lost leads with PPC retargeting! Reach past website visitors across the web, reminding them of your brand and driving more sales.

But how much does this powerful tool cost?

Similar to traditional PPC, remarketing ad costs depend on your industry. The good news? You'll typically pay less per click for retargeting ads, with averages around ฿0.66-฿1.23. Plus, companies often allocate around 10% of their ad budget to remarketing, making it a budget-friendly strategy.

Ready to Grow? Get your FREE Quote Today!

Our web designers and web developers, as well as digital strategists have launched more than 1000 sites and collaborated with clients in a range of industries, from manufacturing to retail to healthcare. Not to mention, we've helped our clients earn more than ฿1.5 billion in revenue in the past five years and continue to help our clients grow their businesses. Request a free quote and see how Uptle can help you.

Increased Website Traffic by
Increased Conversion Rate by
Increased Leads Generated by

Unlock the Power of Retargeting: Reduce Costs & Boost Conversions

Did you know 96% of website visitors leave without buying? Retargeting brings them back, reminding them about your amazing products or services. It's like a gentle nudge that leads to more sales!

But how much does this powerful tool cost?

The beauty of retargeting is its affordability. On average, expect to pay just ฿0.66-฿1.23 per click on retargeting ads, often slightly less than traditional PPC. And companies typically allocate around 10% of their ad budget to retargeting for maximum impact.

Plan Starter Growth Pro

Monthly PPC Budget: Networks

Up to ฿12,000 Monthly Ad Spend

฿12,001 - ฿50,000+ Monthly Ad Spend

Over ฿50,000 Monthly Ad Spend

Campaign Keywords

Up to 2,000 Keywords

Up to 10,000 Keywords

Up to 10,000 Keywords

Google Ads Network

Bing Ads Network

Google Ads Remarketing: Text & Display (includes client-provided banners or creative design fees)

Google Display Network Targeting

Google In-Store Reporting

Google Customer Match & Audience Targeting

Competitor Ads on Gmail

Marketing Cloud Competitor Insights

Campaign Development & Strategy

In-depth Keyword Research & Selection

Industry Benchmarking

Compelling Ad Copywriting

Ad Performance Testing & Optimization

Ongoing Keyword Refinement

Dynamic Keyword Insertion

Google Analytics Integration & Goal Tracking

Performance Analysis & Reporting

Strategic Bidding for Maximum ROI

PPC Account Monitoring (e.g., Geo-Targeting)

Client Manages Google Ads Account (You Retain Admin Access)

Dedicated Account Manager

Up to 2 Monthly Consultations

Track Up to 100 Web Lead Calls/Month (Included)

Up to ฿12,000 Monthly Ad Spend

฿12,001 - ฿50,000+ Monthly Ad Spend

฿12,001 - ฿50,000+ Monthly Ad Spend

Transcribe Up to 25 Calls/Month (Included)

Click, Conversion, & Click Fraud Monitoring

Automated Bidding Rule Setup & Management

International PPC (English Campaigns Only)

Optional: 1 Unbounce Landing Page Template Setup

Website Conversion Analysis Reports

Initial Banner Design (Display & Remarketing)

Add ฿900 for Additional Keyword Sets

1 Landing Page Included

1 Landing Page Included

Quarterly Banner Design (4 Sets/Year)

Add ฿300 for Additional Landing Pages

Add ฿225/Month for Additional Landing Pages (Yearly Plan Includes 1)

Add ฿225/Month for Additional Landing Pages (Yearly Plan Includes 1)

Website Conversion Tracking Implementation

By Quote

By Quote

Social Media PPC Advertising

By Quote

By Quote

By Quote

Landing Page Performance Testing & Optimization

By Quote

By Quote

Monthly Performance Reports & Analysis

Proven Results: 200+ Successful SMB Campaigns

MarketingCloud Lead Tracking Integration

Google Shopping Management



Additional Language Management: Monthly Cost

฿275 Initial Campaign Setup

฿275 Initial Campaign Setup

฿275 Initial Campaign Setup

Weekly Data Calls: Discuss Campaign Performance

฿400/Month Ongoing Management

฿400/Month Ongoing Management

฿400/Month Ongoing Management

Translation Services (Available)

By Quote

By Quote

By Quote

One-Time Setup Fee

฿750 + 1 Month Management Fee

฿700 + 1 Month Management Fee

1 Month Management Fee

Progressive Monthly Management Fee

15% of Ad Spend (Minimum ฿450)

12% of Ad Spend

12% of Ad Spend

Need to manage a larger budget? We offer enterprise campaign management specifically designed for high-volume campaigns exceeding ฿50,000/month in ad spend.

Boost Your ROI: Expert PPC Management by Uptle

Get Certified Professionals on Your Side: Uptle's PPC team includes Google Ads Certified individuals and Microsoft Advertising Professionals, ensuring your campaigns are managed by experts.

Always Ahead of the Curve: Our PPC managers stay up-to-date on ad platform changes, best practices, and optimization techniques to maximize your campaign performance.

Maximize Your Budget: Our internet marketers leverage their expertise to get the most out of your PPC budget and ad spend, driving a higher return on investment (ROI) for your business.

From Launch to Optimization: Whether you're starting fresh or revamping existing campaigns, our innovative approach ensures your campaigns are continuously optimized for the best ROI.

Data-Driven Decisions: We understand the importance of data analysis. Unlike neglected campaigns, ours are constantly monitored and optimized based on key insights, maximizing your website traffic and conversions.

Ecommerce, Lead Generation, B2B - We've Got You Covered: Our experienced marketers can handle any PPC campaign, from driving online sales to generating qualified leads for your B2B business. We offer best-in-class Google Ads PPC management - let us show you the results!

Stop Leaving Money on the Table: Boost Sales with Uptle's PPC Remarketing Plans

Imagine missing out on customers who are already interested in your products or services.

Uptle's PPC plans with remarketing can help you win them back.

Reach more qualified leads, drive higher sales, and maximize your return on ad spend with our data-driven strategies.

Abandoned carts? No problem. We also offer personalized email retargeting to remind visitors about the items they left behind.

Transparent reporting and ongoing campaign optimization ensure you're always getting the most out of your PPC investment.

PPC on Your Budget: Unveiling Costs and Strategies


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