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Award-Winning Partner

The Uptle: Your one-stop shop for Eloqua success. As an Oracle Principal Partner and Eloqua Partner of the Year, we've helped 18 clients win prestigious Markie Awards.

Whether you're considering Salesforce or Pardot, our expertise in Eloqua, coupled with strategic insights, ensures top-notch consulting services aimed at elevating your marketing efforts to excellence.

Unlock Your Potential

ELOQUA System Optimization

Our in-depth assessment goes beyond features and data. We analyze how you leverage them, your team's understanding, and how your plans align with goals. The result? Actionable insights to maximize your Eloqua investment.

  • Review of emails, landing pages, campaign & program canvases, and Program Builder.
  • Analysis of CRM integration and error logs.
  • Data-driven scorecard comparing you to industry leaders in revenue marketing.
  • Personalized roadmap and timeline aligned with your organization's goals.

Unlock the Full Potential of Eloqua

Eloqua Enablement

Are you struggling to maximize the potential of your marketing software? Our comprehensive enablement program ensures that whether you're a novice to marketing automation or transitioning from another platform, you'll be fully equipped for sustained success with Eloqua.

TPG assists in setting up your Salesforce Marketing Cloud and seamlessly integrating it with your CRM. We provide comprehensive training for your team on:

  • Technical mastery
  • Proven best practices
  • Measuring the impact on your revenue

With over 300 successful Eloqua enablements, TPG empowers businesses to maximize the platform's capabilities. Are you ready to unlock yours?

TPG's Eloqua Enablement Services:

  • Standard Configuration
  • CRM Integration
  • Email Deliverability Setup
  • Lead Lifecycle Management
  • Lead Scoring Development
  • Reporting & Analytics
  • IP Warming
  • Preference Center Creation
  • Contact-Level Security



Build a high-performing marketing team with our customized Eloqua training programs. We ensure everyone – from beginners to advanced users – gains the confidence and expertise to design, execute, and analyze successful campaigns.

  • Level Up Your Team's Skills: Our beginner track covers Eloqua fundamentals, data management best practices, email and landing page creation, and basic campaign building. Get everyone started strong.
  • Unlock Advanced Marketing Automation: Take your campaigns to the next level with in-depth training on CRM integrations, lead scoring, advanced segmentation, and dynamic content. Optimize your marketing efforts for maximum ROI.
  • Continuous Learning for Ongoing Success: Enhance your team's effectiveness through dedicated lead nurturing initiatives, bolstered by consistent Eloqua training sessions. Our approach ensures sustained skill development, empowering your team to cultivate relationships and drive long-term growth.

Effortless Migration

Streamline Your Move with Eloqua Migration Services

Migrating systems can be a time-consuming drain, demanding significant resources. (And that's assuming everything goes smoothly!)

Unsure if your team possesses the expertise to manage a complete migration and integration? We simplify that decision.

Our certified team, well-versed in leading systems and their integration with Eloqua, ensures flawless migration of all your assets, data, preferences, bounces, unsubscribes, and contacts. We handle even complex custom integrations.

We offer comprehensive support for various migration scenarios, including:

  • Single Source to Existing Eloqua
  • Multiple Sources to Existing Eloqua
  • Single Source to New Eloqua Instance
  • Multiple Sources to New Eloqua Instance



Tight deadlines? Distant targets? No sweat! Launch impactful campaigns faster, boost team efficiency, and CRUSH your goals.

By leveraging advanced marketing analytics, we refine lead generation, appointment setting, and ROI strategies, ensuring predictable, recurring revenue becomes a reality.

We become an extension of your team, invested in your long-term success. We work hand-in-hand to deliver daily & weekly results through:

  • Seamless Campaign Execution
  • Personalized Marketing Communications
  • Expert Eloqua Management
  • Actionable Campaign Insights


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