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Uncover the Perfect Customer Data Platform Plan for Your Needs

Starter Plan
Just ฿299/Month
Low Upfront Cost: ฿99
  • Ideal for Sites Under 50k Visitors/Month
  • Track Up To 100 Calls Monthly
  • Includes 3 Call Tracking Numbers
  • Get Transcripts for 50 Calls/Month
  • Review Tracking for 1 Location
Growth Plan
Only ฿599/Month
Affordable Scaling: ฿199 Initial Fee
  • Manages 50k-2 Million Visitors/Month
  • Track Up To 200 Calls Monthly
  • Includes 5 Call Tracking Numbers
  • Get Transcripts for 75 Calls/Month
  • Review Tracking for 2 Locations
Enterprise Plan
Powerful at ฿999/Month
High Volume Support: ฿299 Initial Fee
  • Supports 2-5 Million Visitors/Month
  • Track Up To 300 Calls Monthly
  • Includes 5 Call Tracking Numbers
  • Get Transcripts for 100 Calls/Month
  • Review Tracking for 2 Locations

Unleash Customer Insights with IBM Watson-Powered CDP

Drowning in Data? You're Not Alone. From demographics to user behavior, businesses struggle to manage the flood of customer data.

Our Customer Data Platform (CDP) lets you organize and unify your data, giving you a complete customer view to make smarter business decisions.

Introducing MarketingCloud, our CDP powered by IBM Watson. Streamline your marketing efforts and generate more leads and revenue.

MarketingCloud's Powerhouse Features:

  • AI-powered Insights by IBM Watson
  • Strategic Recommendations Driven by Billions of Data Points
  • Seamless Integration with Salesforce, Nutshell, and More
  • Mobile App: Access Lead Intelligence Anytime, Anywhere
  • Stay Ahead of the Curve with Google AI Machine Learning
  • Special Discount for Uptle Clients

Uptle CDP: Customer Data Platform Solutions

Scale Your Business Starter Growth Enterprise

Visitor Capacity

Up to 50,000 Visitors

50,000 - 2 Million Visitors

2 Million - 5 Million Visitors

Effortless Setup & Configuration

Expert Sales Funnel Onboarding

Monthly Lead Tracking & Insights

Lead Status Management

CRM Lead Data Import

Website Conversion Analysis

Detailed Lead Tracking Notes

Powerful Call Tracking

Track Up To 100 Calls/Month

Track Up To 200 Calls/Month

Track Up To 300 Calls/Month


3 Call Tracking Numbers Included

5 Call Tracking Numbers Included

5 Call Tracking Numbers Included


Transcribe Up To 50 Calls/Month

Transcribe Up To 75 Calls/Month

Transcribe Up To 100 Calls/Month

Unlock Customer Insights

Advanced Lead Prospecting Tools

Comprehensive Lead Tracking

Competitive Edge: SEO Research

Organic Traffic Growth Strategies

In-Depth Page Content Analysis

AI-Powered SEO Optimization Tools

ReviewBoost Reputation Management

Review Tracking for 1 Location

Review Tracking for 2 Locations

Review Tracking for 2 Locations

Track Facebook Reviews

Track Google Reviews

Track Yelp Reviews

Historical Review Data Export

Lifetime Review Performance Dashboard

Seamless CRM Integration

Automatic Lead Push to CRM

Mobile App Access (iOS & Android)

Monthly Investment




Existing Client Renewal Rate




Unleash the Power of Your Data with Uptle's CDP Services

Data is the lifeblood of marketing, and at Uptle, we empower you to get the most out of it. That's why we created MarketingCloud (MC), our proprietary CDP software designed to collect and centralize your valuable customer data.

This AI-powered platform goes beyond data collection. It houses a suite of over ten specialized tools that unlock deep insights to fuel your marketing campaigns.

Ready to unlock the potential of your data? Here's what you get with Uptle's CDP services:

Introducing LeadManager: Effortless Lead Tracking & Insights

Struggling to manage your leads? Want deeper insights into their behavior? LeadManager is your solution.

Uncover how leads find your site, which pages they explore, and which campaigns generate calls. All within a user-friendly dashboard.

Simplify your workflow and keep all your lead data organized in one central location.

Master Your Calls, Boost Your Business: CallTracker

Stop missing valuable leads! CallTracker simplifies call tracking, giving you the insights you need to maximize every conversation.

Uncover hidden opportunities. CallTracker delivers real-time call data, transcriptions, and source tracking, empowering smarter marketing decisions.

Drive marketing ROI. Unique phone numbers with CallTracker let you pinpoint exactly which campaigns generate leads, so you can optimize your spend.

Unlock the Power of Your Content with Cutting-Edge Analytics & AI

Stop guessing about content performance! ContentAnalytics leverages big data analytics, machine learning, and AI to reveal the true value of your content. See visitor engagement, conversion data, and the worth of each webpage – all in one place.

These insights empower you to create future content that resonates with your audience and drives results.

Imagine pouring hours into crafting content only to have it languish in search obscurity. Content is your website's lifeblood, but traditional methods offer limited foresight.

That's where PredictionGenius comes in. This revolutionary tool predicts how your content will perform in search results, eliminating the guesswork.

Higher rankings translate to more website traffic. With PredictionGenius, you gain a crucial edge over competitors by understanding your content's potential before it's even published.

Don't settle for outdated methods. PredictionGenius is the only tool of its kind, empowering you to maximize the impact of your content strategy.

Uncover Visitor Behavior with VisitorRecorder

Ever wonder what visitors do on your site? VisitorRecorder reveals all!

Gain real-time insights into user behavior: how they interact with pages, buttons they click, and more.

Understand your target audience and craft a website that truly resonates with them.

Personalize the Experience with Personalize

Personalization is key. Make visitors feel valued with a website experience tailored just for them.

Personalize tailors your website to visitors' industries, companies, locations, and past behavior.

Gain a Competitive Edge with CompetitorSpy

Get insights your competitors wish they had with CompetitorSpy.

See where your competitors' traffic comes from, which companies visit your site, and what pages they view.

Stay ahead of the curve with CompetitorSpy's valuable competitor intelligence.

Mid-Size Businesses Trust Uptle
Their focus on ROI and their innate ability to communicate this information in a way that I understand has been the missing link with other digital marketing firms that I have used in the past.
Leah Pickard. ABWE

Unify Your Data: Marketing Cloud Integrations

Already on a different platform?

No sweat! Our Marketing Cloud Customer Data Platform (CDP) integrates seamlessly with these tools to unleash the power of your data:

Unlock Your Customer Puzzle: Introducing the Customer Data Platform

Imagine your customer data as a thousand-piece puzzle. A Customer Data Platform (CDP) is the game-changer that brings all those pieces together.

See hidden trends and predict future outcomes with CDP. Make smarter marketing decisions and unlock the full potential of your customer base.

Think of a CDP as the missing piece that completes your customer puzzle. It reveals the bigger picture and unlocks a world of marketing possibilities.

No more piecing together data from paid ads, email campaigns, and other channels. CDP seamlessly combines everything, giving you a unified view of your audience.

Imagine the power of data working together to fuel data-driven marketing! CDP acts as a central hub, empowering you to make informed decisions that drive marketing success.

Unlock the Power of Your Customer Data: What You Can Store

Imagine turning every customer interaction into a golden nugget of insight. That's the magic of CDPs.

By unifying all your data, CDPs reveal hidden connections and paint a complete picture of your customers.

It's like going from a blurry puzzle to a crystal-clear masterpiece. CDPs unlock the full potential of your data.

But what kind of data can you store? The answer: a treasure trove!

Dive into the data types that fuel the best customer data platforms:

Unlock Your Ideal Customer: The Power of Demographics

Imagine perfectly tailored products and marketing that resonates with every customer. Demographic data is the key!

Dive into valuable insights that will transform your marketing strategy:

  • Age: Understand your target audience's life stage and preferences.
  • Marital Status: Tailor messaging to resonate with specific needs.
  • Family Size: Craft products and services that fit their lifestyle.
  • Occupation: Target your ideal customers with laser focus.
  • Income Level: Develop pricing strategies that align perfectly.

Knowing your customers is the secret to marketing success. Demographic data unlocks these insights, and the right customer data platform keeps it organized and actionable.

Unlock the Power of Ecommerce Data

Sales are vital for any online business, but understanding where they come from is even more critical. Customer data platforms (CDPs) can reveal this and much more.

Here's how a CDP empowers ecommerce companies with key data points:

  • Track product sales by quantity.
  • Identify repeat customers for targeted marketing.
  • See how customers find you (e.g., social media ads).
  • Analyze customer browsing behavior.
  • Uncover shopping cart abandonment rates.

This data is the key to unlocking ecommerce success. Analyze it to optimize product presentation, promotions, and ultimately, your online presence.

Combine your ecommerce data with customer demographics to discover powerful audience trends. A unified CDP empowers you to leverage all your data for smarter business decisions.

Supercharge Your Marketing with Email Insights

Fuel smarter email marketing campaigns by integrating valuable email data into your customer data platform (CDP).

Here are key email marketing metrics to capture in your CDP for a more holistic view of your customers:

  • Email Recipients
  • Open Rates
  • Subject Line Performance
  • Email Sending Frequency
  • Call to Action (CTA) Effectiveness

Unify your customer data by incorporating valuable email marketing insights into your CDP.

Unlock the Power of Social Media with Customer Data

Imagine pinpointing your ideal customers on social media. Stop guessing and leverage your customer data platform (CDP) to make it happen!

Your CDP can unlock the secrets hidden within your social media data.

Here's what your social media metrics can tell you:

  • Where your audience hangs out online
  • What kind of content resonates most
  • Do they prefer to connect directly?
  • Engagement with visual content

Combine these insights with your demographic data for a complete picture of your audience and their preferences. It's the key to social media success!

Unlock the Secrets of Your Website: Essential Metrics for Marketing Domination

Imagine your website as a bustling marketplace for your products, services, and more. But how do you know if it's attracting the right customers?

Website metrics are the key to unlocking this valuable knowledge. By tracking how users interact with your site, you can ensure it's driving sales and achieving your goals.

Consider website metrics a must-have for your customer data platform (CDP). They provide crucial insights to optimize your marketing strategy.

Dive in and discover the website metrics you can't afford to ignore:

  • Time Spent on Each Page: How long are visitors engaged with your content?
  • Bounce Rate: How many visitors leave after just one page?
  • Dwell Time: How long do visitors linger on your site overall?
  • Button Clicks: What actions are visitors taking on your site?
  • Traffic Source: Where are your visitors coming from?
  • Pages Visited per Session: How deeply are visitors exploring your site?
  • Conversions: Are visitors taking the desired actions (e.g., purchases, signups)?
  • Conversion Rate: What percentage of visitors convert into valuable leads or customers?
  • Website Traffic: How many visitors are coming to your site overall?
  • Visitor Location: Where in the world are your visitors coming from?

These website metrics are just the tip of the iceberg. By tracking and analyzing them alongside other data in your CDP, you'll gain a powerful understanding of your audience and craft a winning marketing strategy.

Unlock Hidden Gems: Unveiling the Power of Storefront Data

Brick-and-mortar stores, take note! Customer behavior insights are just as valuable offline. Dive deeper into storefront data to understand your customers and optimize your sales strategy.

Here's what customer data platforms can capture to empower your storefront success:

  • Foot traffic: Track how many people visit your store.
  • Basket size: Analyze the average number of items customers purchase.
  • Average purchase value: Gain insights into typical customer spending habits.
  • Dwell time: Understand how long customers spend browsing your store.

Compare your storefront data with your ecommerce metrics to identify high-performing strategies. Replicate winning tactics across both channels to maximize sales and create a seamless customer experience.

Unlock the Power of Phone Call Metrics

Phone calls: Still a vital lifeline for your business.

No matter if you deal with other businesses (B2B) or directly with consumers (B2C), phone calls are key for product inquiries and sales. Every call counts!

Every touchpoint with your customers, from conversions to basic interactions, deserves data analysis.

That's why phone call metrics are a crucial addition to your customer data platform (CDP).

Here's what you can track:

  • Call source (where it came from)
  • Marketing strategy linked to the call (using call tracking)
  • Call duration

Combine these metrics with other CDP data to unlock powerful insights.

Unlock the Power of Ad Data: Drive Sales Like Never Before

Fuel Your Marketing Engine: Ads drive leads and sales. See how PPC and social media ads can supercharge your campaigns.

Unleash the Synergy: Ad data combined with customer data unlocks powerful insights to optimize your marketing strategy.

Metrics That Matter: Track key metrics like clicks, CPC, keywords, landing page performance, and campaign duration to maximize your return on ad spend (ROAS).

  • Clicks: Gauge ad engagement by measuring how many people click through.
  • Cost-per-Click (CPC): Understand the average cost you incur for each ad click.
  • Targeted Keywords: Analyze which keywords attracted the most clicks for each ad.
  • Landing Page Performance: See how well your landing pages convert clicks into sales.
  • Campaign Duration: Track how long each ad campaign ran to optimize future campaigns.
  • Campaign Spend: Monitor your total investment for each campaign to ensure optimal budget allocation.

Ads are the cornerstone of selling your products and services. By leveraging ad data alongside other crucial metrics, you can unlock a treasure trove of insights to skyrocket your sales.

We Form Longterm Partnerships
Over 90% of Uptle clients continue partnering with us into year 2 of their campaign.

Unlock 6 Powerful Advantages of a Customer Data Platform

Go beyond data consolidation - discover the game-changing benefits a CDP offers.

Unify Your Data. Unleash Marketing Power.

Imagine having a single source of truth for all your customer data. CDPs make it happen. They integrate seamlessly with your existing marketing tools, uniting your data and fueling smarter campaigns.

Break free from siloed data and unleash the power of unified customer experiences with our comprehensive CDP solution. Leverage shopping feed services and CMS services to synchronize information seamlessly across all marketing channels, gaining an unmatched 360-degree customer view for optimized campaigns that drive engagement and conversions.

Stop Wasting Money: Optimize Your Marketing Spend with CDPs

Imagine seeing everything at once. With a CDP, you can spot which campaigns are crushing it and which ones are duds. Fine-tune the underperformers to squeeze more results out of your budget.

Tweaking campaigns for better results means saving money. No more throwing marketing dollars at campaigns that miss the mark.

For example, if your ads are flopping even with a high cost-per-click, a CDP can help you identify why. You can then focus on making your ads more relevant and impactful, which can dramatically lower your ad spend.

Unlock Personalized Marketing Magic: The Power of CDPs

Imagine crafting website content, emails, and social ads that resonate deeply with each customer. CDPs make it possible by turning customer data into personalized marketing gold.

Did you know 77% of people crave personalization? CDPs help you deliver it! Tailor messages to their exact needs and watch brand loyalty and sales soar.

Be there when they need you most. CDPs ensure your marketing hits the right spot at the right time, driving conversions and building customer loyalty.

Unlock a Marketing Edge: The Power of Customer Data Platforms

Imagine gaining a decisive advantage over your competition. A Customer Data Platform (CDP) makes it possible.

Data is your most valuable asset, but it's only powerful if you can unlock its insights. CDPs help you do just that.

Don't let valuable customer data go to waste. CDPs unify your data, giving you a complete customer view.

Break down data silos. See the bigger picture and understand your customers across all touchpoints.

Leave your competitors in the dust. Make smarter marketing decisions with a unified view of your customer data.

Uncover Hidden Gems: How CDPs Reveal New Marketing Opportunities

Imagine seeing your customer data from a whole new angle. A CDP lets you combine information from demographics and social media, sparking insights you might have missed.

Spot hidden patterns that unlock fresh marketing possibilities. Craft targeted campaigns that truly resonate with your audience.

For instance, your social media engagement might be lower than expected. A CDP can reveal a mismatch between your target demographic and the platform you're using.

By leveraging this data, you can explore new avenues to boost your social media presence and achieve greater impact.

Boost Efficiency with a Customer Data Platform (CDP)

Imagine streamlining your business by centralizing customer data. A Customer Data Platform (CDP) does just that, unlocking a world of efficiency and insights.

Say goodbye to the time-consuming shuffle between platforms for fragmented data. A CDP eliminates the need for spreadsheets and brings all your customer data together.

Spreadsheets might have served you well, but a CDP is a game-changer. Experience the power of unified data and unlock a whole new level of efficiency.

CDP vs. CRM: Unveiling the Customer Journey Champions

Forget the confusion! CDPs and CRMs are powerful tools, but for completely different reasons.

Here's the game changer: CDPs automatically build detailed customer profiles across all channels, while CRMs rely on manual data entry. Imagine the insights!

Dive deeper and discover how CDPs empower you to understand your customers like never before.

See the Big Picture: Beyond the Sales Funnel

CDPs unlock the power of lifetime customer journeys by enabling customer journey mapping. Analyze behavior across every touchpoint to create a complete picture of your customers.

Stop missing the story! CRMs limit your view to the sales funnel, leaving you blind to valuable customer insights.

Uncover Hidden Gems: Anonymous Data to Your Advantage

CDPs go beyond the known. Capture data on anonymous visitors, giving you a goldmine of insights to personalize experiences and drive conversions.

CRMs only track identified leads and customers, leaving a huge gap in your understanding.

Effortless Data Management: Automate Your Way to Success

CDPs seamlessly collect and organize massive amounts of data, ensuring its security and accessibility for informed decision-making.

Ditch the manual entry! CRMs leave data collection and organization prone to human error, hindering your marketing efforts.

The Power of Both: Online & Offline Data Integration

CDPs bridge the online-offline divide, providing a holistic view of customer behavior for smarter marketing strategies.

Unlock the full potential! While CRMs can store offline data, manual entry makes it a challenge. CDPs automate this process, giving you a complete picture.

Unlock the Power of Customer Data Platforms

Uptle: Your Guide to Customer Data Platforms and Business Growth.

We're a digital marketing powerhouse with over a decade of experience. Our 200+ experts can help you collect the data that fuels your success.

Ready to unlock the power of customer data platforms? Contact us online , or call us at 888-601-5359.


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