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Unleash Powerful Results: Explore Our Programmatic Ad Service Plans

Go Big, Get Results: Aggressive Plan
Only ฿350/Month
This Month
Low Upfront Cost: ฿1,500
  • Ideal for Budgets: ฿2,501 - ฿5,000 (Network Spend)
  • Target Your Ideal Audience
  • Eye-Catching Ad Creatives Included
  • Expert Bid Management for Maximum Impact
Become a Market Leader: Market Leader Plan
Just 14% Performance Fee
Your Monthly Ad Budget
Low Upfront Cost: ฿2,500
  • Perfect for Budgets: ฿5,000 - ฿15,000 (Network Spend)
  • Advanced Targeting for Laser Precision
  • Eye-Catching Ad Creatives Included
  • Expert Bid Management for Maximum ROI
Be a Trailblazer: Trailblazer Plan
Low 12% Performance Fee
Your Monthly Ad Budget
Low Upfront Cost: ฿3,500
  • Ideal for Budgets: ฿15,000+ (Network Spend)
  • Advanced Targeting for Laser Precision
  • Eye-Catching Ad Creatives Included
  • Expert Bid Management for Maximum Growth

Effortless Online Ads: Uptle Programmatic Takes the Wheel

Tired of juggling online ads? Uptle's programmatic advertising simplifies the process, getting you more leads and conversions for less.

Our world-class programmatic services start at just ฿350/month. Let Uptle streamline your online ads today!

Ready to unlock powerful advertising? Learn more about Uptle's plans and pricing, or contact us to get started!

Programmatic Advertising: Pricing Plans

Uptle gets it. Every business is one-of-a-kind, and your programmatic ad strategy should be too. We offer a range of service options designed to match your goals and budget.

Discover the perfect fit: See our programmatic ad service plans and pricing below.

Swipe to reveal more programmatic advertising options.

Dominate Scalable Customizable Next-Level

Campaign Strategy & Development

Target Your Ideal Audience

Location Targeting

Age Targeting

Gender Targeting

Interest Targeting

Education Targeting

Website Interest Targeting

Behavioral Targeting

Mobile Device Targeting

Mobile Carrier Targeting

Product Targeting

Day Targeting

Time Targeting

B2B Targeting: Job Titles

B2B Targeting: Industry

B2B Targeting: Company

B2B Targeting: Company Size

B2B Targeting: Location

Native Advertising Included

Brand Insights & Research

Network Optimization & Negotiation

Impression Targeting (Optional)

Google Analytics Integration

Performance Reporting & Analysis

4 Dashboards

8 Dashboards

8 Dashboards

Strategic Bidding

Ad Rotation for Conversions

Dedicated Marketing Expert

Bi-Monthly Consultations

Ad Creative (1 Set)

Supported Ad Sizes:


Static Images

Animated & Static Images

Advanced Animations


Static Images

Animated & Static Images

Advanced Animations


Static Images

Animated & Static Images

Advanced Animations


Static Images

Animated & Static Images

Advanced Animations


Static Images

Animated & Static Images

Advanced Animations


Static Images

Animated & Static Images

Advanced Animations


Static Images

Animated & Static Images

Advanced Animations


Static Images

Animated & Static Images

Advanced Animations

Remarketing Strategy & Implementation: Reach Past Visitors

Universal Conversion Tracking Setup: Track Every Lead

Conversion Funnel Setup & Management: Optimize Each Step

Contextual Brand Safety with Peer39: Protect Your Reputation

Video Display 360

Google Display Network 360

Dataxu Placement

StackAdapt Placement

adswizz Placement

Zeta Placement

Spotify Ad Placement

Pandora Ad Placement

Shopee, Lazada Display Placement

Digital TV Placement (Hulu, etc.)

Multivariate Landing Page Testing: Find Your Best Conversion Formula

By Quote

By Quote

By Quote

Multivariate Ecommerce Testing: Optimize Shopping & Checkout

By Quote

By Quote

By Quote

Monthly Performance Reporting & Analysis: Get Data-Driven Insights

Performance-Based Real-Time AI Bidding Platform: Maximize ROI

One-Time Setup (1st Month):

Starter Plan (฿1,500)

Growth Plan (฿2,500)

Enterprise Plan (฿3,500)

Progressive Monthly Management

Additional File Format (฿350)

Reduced Management Fee (14%)

Default Management Fee (12%)

Boost Your Marketing Results with Uptle's Programmatic Advertising

Craft a Winning Campaign Strategy

Uptle's expertise in programmatic media buying ensures tailored ad strategies aligned with your objectives and budget, amplifying the impact of your online advertising efforts.

Customizable Ad Targeting Options

Get your message in front of the people who matter most. Our ad targeting options allow you to reach your ideal audience based on:

  • Pinpoint your audience
  • Location targeting
  • Age range
  • Gender targeting
  • Interests
  • Education background
  • Website browsing habits
  • Online behavior
  • Device and carrier insights
  • Plus, even more!

Go beyond demographics. Our Market Leader and Trailblazer plans unlock B2B targeting by:

  • Job Title
  • Industry
  • Company Name
  • Employee Count
  • Location

Laser-focus your campaigns and maximize ROI. Our advanced targeting eliminates wasted ad spend and delivers highly relevant experiences that convert leads into customers.

Captivating Ads & Conversions Made Easy

Go beyond targeting & positioning. We craft eye-catching ad creatives that resonate with your audience, driving clicks and conversions. Our designers are pros at creating visuals that compel action.

Track, Analyze, Optimize: Your Programmatic Powerhouse

Our demand-side platform (DSP) efficiently monitors your programmatic ads, identifies areas for enhancement, and finely tunes them to achieve peak performance, ensuring you enjoy A+ results effortlessly.

Remarketing Magic: Regain Attention, Convert More

Our Market Leader & Trailblazer plans feature remarketing to re-engage past visitors and boost conversions. See all plans & pricing here.

Your Programmatic Powerhouse: Expert Team by Your Side

Partner with Uptle's paid ad experts. Get a dedicated account manager focused on your success. All plans include up to 2 consultations per month.

Strategic Ad Testing: Optimize Every Click

We offer multivariate testing for landing pages & checkout flows. Contact us for a custom quote.

Unleash Growth: Programmatic Advertising Explained (Video Included!)

Watch as Trevin Shirey, Sr. Director of Business Development at Uptle, breaks down programmatic advertising and how it can fuel your business growth.

Utilizing a supply-side platform (SSP) in programmatic advertising, AI-driven, real-time bidding revolutionizes ad purchasing, simplifying operations and yielding cost and time savings.

Forget traditional ad buying! Programmatic lets you target the perfect audience, not just ad placements. This means more qualified leads, conversions, and revenue for your business.

Don't let the term fool you. Programmatic advertising automates everything in milliseconds, making it surprisingly fast and efficient.

Before diving deep, let's explore the key technologies behind programmatic advertising's automation magic.

The Powerhouse of Programmatic Ads: Essential Technologies

  • Demand-Side Platforms (DSPs): Imagine a one-stop shop for buying ad space! DSPs connect you to ad exchanges like Google Ad Manager, giving you access to a massive publisher network.
  • Supply-Side Platforms (SSPs): Think of SSPs as the other side of the coin. They allow publishers to showcase and manage their ad space for advertisers like you.
  • Data Management Platforms (DMPs): Unlock the power of user data! DMPs help you collect valuable insights for digital marketing and programmatic campaigns.

These technologies, combined with AI, are the secret sauce behind programmatic advertising's lightning-fast automation and hyper-relevant ad delivery.

Programmatic Ads in Action: A Step-by-Step Guide

Now that you know the tech, let's see programmatic advertising in action!

  • The journey begins when a user visits a website using programmatic advertising.
  • The website owner uses an SSP to automatically send ad space details (size, etc.).
  • The SSP analyzes user data (like demographics and interests) from cookies to find the perfect ad match.
  • Your DSP receives this info and assigns a value to the user based on their ad impression potential.
  • Using real-time bidding, your DSP competes for the ad space with other advertisers.
  • The SSP picks the winner based on the highest bid (but don't worry, you'll never pay more than your maximum).
  • The winning ad is displayed to the user.

Phew! That might seem complex, but remember, it all happens in milliseconds, seamlessly in the background, without interrupting the user experience.

Feeling overwhelmed? Don't sweat it! Uptle is here to be your programmatic advertising partner, guiding you every step of the way.

Unlock Powerful Results with Uptle's Programmatic Advertising

Ready to take your advertising to the next level? Dive into Uptle's programmatic ad services!

Here's how it works:

  • Need to reach more qualified leads and boost sales?
  • Uptle, a leading programmatic ad platform, delivers personalized ads tailored to your ideal audience.
  • We leverage real-time data (demographics, interests, behavior, etc.) to target the right people at the right time.
  • Our automated bidding secures optimal ad placements across your target audience's online channels.
  • Increase brand awareness, conversions, and revenue with targeted messaging that resonates with your audience.
  • Focus on running your business while Uptle's programmatic advertising drives results.

Uptle simplifies your ad strategy, so you can focus on what matters most - growing your business.

Unleash the Power of Programmatic Ads: Reach Your Audience Everywhere

Dominate the digital landscape! Our programmatic ad services ensure your ads appear on the platforms that matter most:

  • Reach a Massive Audience: Google Display Network 360
  • Captivate Viewers: Video Display 360
  • Unlock Data-Driven Targeting: Dataxu
  • Effortless Campaign Management: StackAdapt
  • Premium Inventory Access: Adswizz
  • Advanced Audience Insights: Zeta
  • Seamless Integration with Shopify
  • Engaging Audio Ads: Pandora
  • Dominate Southeast Asia: Shopee & Lazada Display
  • Reach Cord Cutters: Digital TV (Hulu, etc.)
  • Plus, Even More Powerful Channels!

Safety First: Advanced contextual brand safety powered by Peer39 ensures your ads are seen in brand-appropriate environments. Eliminate wasted ad spend and generate high-quality leads with programmatic advertising.

Unlock the Power of Programmatic Ads: 3 Key Benefits

Not sold on programmatic advertising yet? Here's how it can transform your reach and results.

Target Smarter, Reach Further: Get More Qualified Leads

Go beyond basic Pay-Per-Click (PPC) options. Programmatic ads give you laser-sharp control to target the ideal audience for your campaigns.

Imagine connecting with the right people at the perfect moment. Programmatic advertising makes it a reality, showing your ads to users most likely to convert.

Boost your ad performance with hyper-targeting using geofencing services. Reach customers based on their location, demographics, and browsing habits for maximum impact.

Boost Efficiency, Save Big: Maximize ROI with Precision Targeting

Stop wasting ad spend on irrelevant audiences. Programmatic advertising delivers a win-win: you save money, and potential customers discover ads tailored to their needs.

Digital recruitment marketing services, coupled with programmatic advertising, empower businesses to identify and attract top talent with laser focus, optimizing hiring costs and driving business expansion.

Streamline Your Workflow: Save Time and Effort

Utilizing real-time bidding (RTB), programmatic advertising streamlines the process, allowing for efficient campaign optimization and saving significant time.

(Optional: Consider replacing this line with a benefit specific to your service. For example: 'Let our experts handle the heavy lifting. We continuously monitor your campaigns and identify areas for improvement to maximize conversions and revenue.')

Eliminate the guesswork from your digital marketing campaigns with programmatic ads.

Programmatic Ads: Smarter Targeting Than Traditional PPC

Confused by the difference between programmatic ads and traditional pay-per-click (PPC) advertising?

Here's the catch: programmatic advertising is a type of PPC. But unlike traditional PPC focused on ad space, programmatic lets you target specific audiences.

Dive into the key differences between programmatic and traditional PPC advertising.

  • Bidding Strategies: Traditional search ads rely solely on a bidding model. Programmatic offers real-time bidding, allowing you to set minimum prices and negotiate fixed CPM costs for direct deals.
  • Effortless Setup & Management: Traditional search ads demand meticulous attention to detail to get the most out of your budget. One mistake can lead to wasted ad spend. Programmatic ads streamline the process with automated bidding and daily spending limits, maximizing your budget for optimal results.
  • While both require focus, programmatic ads simplify campaign management.
  • Success Metrics: Traditional PPC focuses on click-through rate (CTR), which affects quality score and ad cost (higher CTR often means lower cost per click).
  • But with programmatic ads, high CTR might indicate fraudulent traffic. They prioritize viewability, ensuring your ads are actually seen.

Unlock Programmatic Advertising: Streamlined Targeting, Max Conversions

Imagine highly targeted ads reaching the perfect audience, driving sales.

We've generated ฿1.5 billion for clients in 5 years. Our results-driven approach maximizes conversions and revenue – for you.

Get Started Online or call 888-601-5359 to speak with a programmatic ad strategist!


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