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Turn Negative Reviews into Brand Loyalty

Is your online reputation taking a hit? Negative reviews, product issues, or bad press can damage your brand and drive customers away.

Don't let bad publicity cost you business. One negative link can significantly impact your bottom line. We can help you take control of your online narrative.

Uptle offers:

Dedicated reputation management experts with proven strategies.

Custom solutions to address your specific needs. Competitive pricing to fit your budget.

Boost Your Online Reputation: What You Need to Know

Before diving into pricing, let's understand how reputation management can transform your online presence.

It's the key to building a strong online reputation for your company, influencing what users see in search results, reviews, and high-traffic websites.

Ready to take control? Here are 10 powerful reputation management services that deliver real value.

Service Benefit

Push positive content to top search results, minimizing negative press.

1. Dominate Search Results

Continuously monitor search results, ensuring your business shines online.

2. Constant Search Monitoring

Utilize free profiles to amplify your brand presence in search results.

3. Optimize Social Media Presence

Shape the conversation on social media platforms, controlling your brand narrative.

4. Manage Your Social Media Narrative

Promote your brand through high-authority websites, building awareness and positive press.

5. Brand Promotion & Awareness

Implement a multi-pronged approach to significantly improve your search ranking.

6. Refine Search Results

Showcase your leadership team in a positive light through targeted content.

7. Build Positive Executive Reputation

Create compelling photos and videos to dominate multimedia search results.

8. Leverage Multimedia Content

We keep you informed with regular reports on strategy, implementation, effectiveness, and ROI.

9. Open & Transparent Communication

See how your investment translates to a stronger online reputation.

10. Track & Measure Results

Now, let's address specific challenges. Whether facing online attacks or negative reviews, we help you fight back.

Our comprehensive reputation management services empower you to take control and rebuild your online reputation, step by step.

Explore our most popular packages below.

Don't see a perfect fit? We create custom plans to match your unique needs!

Reputation Management Plans & Pricing

Take Control of Your Online Reputation Homepage About Us Brands Our Services

Protected & Monitored Keywords





Search Ranking Protection

1 to 10

1 to 30

1 to 10

1 to 30

Dedicated Account Manager

Up to 2 Monthly Consultations

Microsite Development

Targeted Article Submissions

Press Release Distribution

Social Bookmarking

Social Media Profile Creation & Management

Facebook Promotion & Growth

Twitter Optimization & Engagement

Flickr Optimization & Management

YouTube Channel Growth & Promotion

LinkedIn Profile Optimization & Networking

Business Profile Linking

Industry Forum Participation

Targeted Forum Commenting

Create a Company Ning Network

Develop a Squidoo Lens

Create Targeted Hub Pages

Strategic Blog Commenting

Develop Micro-Blogs

Professional Blog Setup

Blog Network Distribution

Blog RSS Feed Submission

Widespread Blog RSS Distribution

Claim & Optimize Google Profiles

Yahoo Answers Engagement (Q&A)

Targeted Photo Sharing

Positive Online Reviews from Real Customers

Customer Review Management

Targeted Power Point Slide Submissions

Video Uploads & Promotion

Video Marketing & Promotion

Guest Blogging with Industry Leaders

Advanced Link Building Strategies

1-Hour Consultation with CEO

Detailed Monthly Reports

24/7 Online Reputation Tracking & Alerts

Optional Paid Search Management (separate budget)

Trusted by 200+ Businesses

One-Time Campaign (2 Months)

Starter: ฿7,500

Standard: ฿10,000

Pro: ฿15,000

Enterprise: ฿20,000

Ongoing Reputation Management (Min 6 Months)

Social Kickstart: ฿2,000

Social Boost: ฿3,000

Social Pro: ฿4,000

Social Premium: ฿5,500

Proactive Reputation Management: Plans & Pricing

Take Control Essential Industry Leader

Constant Brand Monitoring



Your Dedicated Account Manager

Up to 2 Monthly Consultations

Continuous Social Bookmarking

Ongoing Wiki Creation & Management

Business Profile Management

24/7 Review Site Monitoring & Growth

Active Forum Engagement

Regular Image Sharing

Compelling Video Content

Quarterly Positive Link Building

Consistent Press Release Distribution

Continuous Microsite Development

Trusted by 200+ SMEs

Setup Fee: Waived (Existing Customers)



Monthly Cost:



Unlock 1,150% More Customers: The Power of Online Reputation

Did you know? A whopping 92% of consumers rely on online reviews before making a purchase.

That means negative online reviews could be costing you 92 potential customers for every 8 you acquire.

Leveraging ecommerce retargeting strategies can significantly boost your sales potential. For instance, by effectively targeting the 92% of potential customers not yet converted, you could see a remarkable 11.5x increase in sales.

Through strategic utilization of content marketing, you can elevate your digital footprint, surpass rivals, and exceed sales objectives. Let's proactively manage your brand's reputation and forge a path to success collaboratively!

Take Control & Win: The Uptle Approach to Reputation Management

Uptle's corporate reputation plans equip your company to fight back against unfair reviews and online negativity.

Every response strengthens your defense and pushes negativity down the search rankings.

We combine offense and defense: take control of the narrative and secure your online reputation.

We continuously monitor your online presence to ensure negativity stays down. But if it resurfaces, we'll handle it swiftly.

Effective internet marketing strategies not only boost brand visibility but also play a crucial role in maintaining a positive online reputation, shielding your brand from potential online attacks.

We Form Longterm Partnerships
Over 90% of Uptle clients continue partnering with us into year 2 of their campaign.

3 Must-Have Websites for Building Your Brand Reputation

Building a strong online reputation goes beyond just your own website. Let's explore the top 3 websites that can significantly impact your brand image.

Guess what? These 3 sites are also the biggest hotspots for customer reviews.

Ready to learn which websites are crucial for reputation management?

Unlock Your Online Reputation: Why Google Reviews Matter Most

Google reigns supreme online, and that includes your company's reputation.

To rank websites high, Google prioritizes a positive user experience.

The good news? Create an intuitive, user-friendly website and Google will take notice.

The not-so-good news? Facebook and Yelp are Google's darlings, giving them a head start.

Expect these established platforms to dominate initial search results, potentially outranking you for a while. But Google's algorithm learns, and eventually your website will shine.

Brand monitoring tools have become increasingly essential as Google evolves into a review platform, allowing customers to provide feedback, whether positive or negative, directly within search results.

Effective SEO services can help amplify positive reviews, ensuring that when individuals search for your brand, they encounter a favorable online reputation.

Earning positive Google reviews is critical for building a strong reputation. A whopping 92% of consumers rely on online reviews before making a purchase. With Google's dominance, you can be sure your reviews there are getting noticed.

But Google is just the first step. Stay tuned to learn about other review sites impacting your reputation!

Dominate Social Media: Reach Customers on Facebook

Facebook: The Social Media Giant. With over a billion users, it's a goldmine for reaching potential customers, alongside Google.

Mastering your Facebook presence is simpler than Google. Here's how:

  • Create a Facebook Page for your Business
  • Complete Your Profile Information
  • Engage Your Audience with Regular Posts
  • Respond Promptly to Comments and Messages
  • Encourage Positive Reviews from Satisfied Customers

Build a Loyal Following: As you actively use Facebook, you'll attract potential customers who are interested in your business.

Turn Complaints into Opportunities: Even negative feedback can be a positive. Respond promptly and address the concerns to demonstrate your commitment to customer satisfaction.

Positive Reviews Breed Trust: Responding to both positive and negative reviews shows you value customer feedback. This encourages others to leave positive reviews, boosting your credibility.

Facebook Reviews Impact Google Search: Positive reviews on Facebook can appear in Google search results, influencing potential customers. Negative reviews can deter them.

Maintain a Stellar Reputation: A positive Facebook presence is key to converting social media followers into loyal customers, leveraging both social media reach and search visibility.

Next Up: Reputation Management Beyond Facebook: Once you've conquered Facebook, there's another crucial platform to consider, and that's Facebook Marketplace.

Dominate Online Reviews with Yelp

Yelp, a pioneer in online reviews, has grown into a powerful platform influencing consumer decisions.

Yelp reviews are everywhere - search results, apps, and more. Potential customers see them, so should you!

Did someone review your business on Yelp without you knowing? Users can create listings, so claim yours now!

Claiming your listing is easy. Just visit Yelp, find your business, and click 'Claim'.

No listing yet? No problem! Set one up quickly and easily on Yelp.

Respond to all reviews, positive and negative, to build trust and manage your online reputation.

With expertise in Yelp, you've effectively navigated through three essential platforms for B2B reputation management.

But why Uptle? That's the next question...


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