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Is 360 Right for You? Let Us Help You Find Out.

Confused about migrating to Google Analytics 360? Blast can help. With our custom evaluation and expertise as a long-standing reseller, we'll guide you through the process and ensure a smooth transition.

Simplify Your Choice: Google Analytics Comparison Chart

Unsure which Google Analytics solution to choose? This handy comparison chart breaks it down for you. Need more help? Contact Blast Today

Unlock Growth with Google Analytics
Unlock Growth with Google Analytics Standard: Powerful Insights, Free Access Google Analytics 360: Enterprise-Level Growth Engine (Starts at ฿150,000/year)
Get a Dedicated Growth Partner (Not Just Account Management)
Uncover Hidden Opportunities (Free Discovery/Needs Analysis)
Ensure Flawless Setup (Complimentary Implementation Audit)
Get Expert Implementation Help (Every Step of the Way)
Master Your Data with Google Experts (Exclusive Training)
Never Miss a Beat (24/7 Emergency Support)
Get Real Human Support (Friendly & Responsive)
Craft a Winning Data Strategy (Digital Measurement Expertise)
Measure What Matters Most (Analytics Maturity Assessment)
Unify Your Data Landscape (Data Integration Services)
Build Custom Reports (Tailored Reporting Configuration)
Unlock Deeper Insights (Expert Analyst Consulting)
Drive More Traffic (Search Marketing Expertise)
Boost Conversions (Conversion Optimization Services)
Get Cutting-Edge Tech Recommendations
Pricing Free (Plus Recommended Support & Services) Starts at ฿150,000/year (Request a Custom Quote) (Request a Custom Quote)

GA360 vs UA: Comparing their capabilities in tracking and analyzing metrics such as page views, events, social interactions, and commerce actions.

Level Up Your Data Analysis: Standard vs. 360
Level Up Your Data Analysis: Standard vs. 360 Google Analytics vertical_content.content2.table2.header.head3
Faster Processing Limited Unthrottled
Handle More Data Up to 10 Million Hits/Month Up to 20 Billion Hits/Month
Deeper Insights (Export & API) Available Available
Export Granularity 50,000 Rows 3 Million Rows
Seamless Integration Limited Google Drive Included
Unsampled Reports No Yes
Unlock Clickstream Data No Yes (BigQuery)
More Customization 20 Dimensions/Metrics 200 Dimensions/Metrics
Scale Your Tracking Max 200 Views Max 400 Views
Export Flexibility 50,000 Rows 3 Million Rows
Consolidated Reporting No Yes (Cross-Property)
Premium Support No Yes
Real-Time Insights Available Available (Faster)
Data Freshness 24+ Hours Less than 4 Hours
Data Ownership Yours (Limited Control) Complete Ownership
Guaranteed Uptime & Performance
Guaranteed Uptime & Performance Google Analytics Standard Google Analytics 360
Data Freshness Ultra-Reliable: Updates within 4 hours (98.0% uptime)
Data Collection Highly Reliable: 99.9% uptime
Reporting Reliability Reliable Reporting: 99.0% uptime
Google Tag Manager Included
Service Level Agreements
Unify Your Marketing Across Channels
Unify Your Marketing Across Channels Google Analytics Standard Google Analytics 360
See Exactly Where Your Conversions Come From
Unify Salesforce Data for Holistic Insights
Power Your Attribution with Data-Driven Models
Seamless DoubleClick for Advertisers Integration
Unlock the Power of DoubleClick Bid Manager
Measure Campaign Performance Across Channels
Unify Your AdWords Data for Better Decisions
Multi-Channel Reporting Made Easy
Level Up Your Marketing: Social, Mobile & Video Analytics
Level Up Your Marketing: Social, Mobile & Video Analytics Google Analytics Standard: Powerful Insights Made Easy Google Analytics 360: Uncover Deeper Customer Understanding
Track Social & Website Conversions in One Place
Gain Mobile App & Device User Insights
Measure Video Engagement & Performance
Supercharge Your Marketing Insights
Supercharge Your Marketing Insights Google Analytics Standard: Powerful Analytics for Everyone Google Analytics 360: Unparalleled Insights for Enterprise
Unlock Deeper Customer Insights
Advanced Reporting & Visualization Tools
Track Every Customer Journey
Customizable Reporting Made Easy
Granular Segmentation for Targeted Marketing
Get Actionable Alerts & Stay Informed
Make Decisions Based on Real-Time Data
Visualize Customer Journeys with Flow Tracking

Take advantage of exclusive features by purchasing through Blast before the Universal Analytics sunset. Contact us now to find out more.

Uncover the Perfect Analytics Solution for You

Stop Guessing, Start Knowing. Our certified Google Analytics consultants can help you identify the ideal fit for your organization, be it Google Analytics Standard or 360. We'll guide you in crafting your digital measurement strategy, customize implementation, unlock valuable insights to optimize marketing efforts, and provide training for you or your entire team.
Google Analytics Standard: Powerful Insights Made Easy
GA4 vs UA: Our analytics experts enable you to discern the significant insights from both these powerful measurement tools.
Google Analytics 360: Enterprise-Grade Analytics
Blast equips you with comprehensive consulting, implementation support, and the full power of Google Analytics 360.

Unlock Marketing Powerhouse: The Google Marketing Platform

Unlock the full potential of your digital marketing strategy with the dynamic trio: Google Marketing Platform, Google Campaign Manager 360, and Google Optimize 360. Seamlessly integrated and backed by our track record of success, these tools are your gateway to optimizing ROI and driving your business to new heights.

By integrating Google Analytics 4 into your marketing strategy, you can enhance your analytical capabilities and gain deeper insights into your audience's behaviors and preferences.

Display & Video 360: Own Your Campaign Journey
Plan, create, measure, and optimize – all from one unified platform. Display & Video 360 empowers holistic end-to-end campaign management.
Google Surveys 360: Uncover Customer Insights Faster
Make smarter, quicker decisions with Google Surveys 360, the innovative market research tool that unlocks valuable audience insights.
Google Search Ads 360: Master Search Marketing
Plan, buy, and measure your search campaigns across Google and other search engines with Google Search Ads 360.
Google Tag Manager 360: Effortless Tag Management
Deploy and manage all your third-party tags with ease. Google Tag Manager 360 simplifies measurement for a more effective approach.
Google Analytics 360: Deep Customer Understanding
Unify enterprise-level analytics with Google tools. Google Analytics 360 provides a deeper understanding of your customers through touchpoint analysis.
Google Optimize 360: A/B Testing on Steroids
Maximize conversions and personalize experiences with Google Optimize 360, the powerful testing platform that integrates with other Google products for smarter audience targeting.
Data Studio: Transform Data into Insights
Unlock the full potential of GA360 reporting capabilities by harnessing Data Studio, a powerful tool that transforms real-time data into actionable insights. With its interactive reports and dashboards, you can efficiently track performance and make well-informed decisions.


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